Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ready to... Play Ball!

So, it is funny to find out what all was going on while I was out of town, by looking at the pictures on the camera!

The day that I left for Seattle, was Bud's last practice before his first game. So, they were issued their uniforms. Bud was pretty excited about it I am told.  He changed into his uniform as soon as they got home from practice at 6pm.


A pretty sharp looking baseball rookie! He decided he needed to take a few practice swings, too.


Pops had him change out of his uniform to preserve its shiny luster for game day the following week. Then it was time for bed and all was well. 

Bud tends to go to sleep late reading and then he wakes late in the morning since he went to sleep late. Often he is dragging out of bed after 9 AM and wants to stay in his pajamas most of the morning if we don't herd him properly! 

This night was no exception. He stayed up late reading and going to far away make believe places. The change was his relatively early wake time and appearing at the top of the stairs (with tired eyes) before 9 AM ready for his baseball game... to be held three days later at 6 PM.


I would call that excited!! Blossom thought Bud was so silly and she was all giggly in her PAJAMAS (our EARLY waker).


Looks like fun and excitement... I would have loved to be home THAT morning!!!


  1. That is great that Pops took pictures while you were gone!! I wish my hubby would have, I think! =)

  2. Wow! Bud you look like a pro! Have fun! Love, G.

  3. That is priceless! How sweet that he's so excited about playing ball.

    Madeleine came downstairs on Sunday dressed for my mom's college graduation. She was wearing a pink skirt and a flowered top, dress sandals, and her Daisies Vest (mini-Girl Scouts). I went back and forth between allowing her to wear it and having her hang it back up and, when I finally decided to let her wear it, she came downstairs without it.

    I wonder if uniforms make them feel more important? Special? It's sweet, whatever it is! :)


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