Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home is Where Some Love is...

Blossom is like an alarm clock. Although, she is set to different times on different days. When she wakes in the morning (which is usually before I have dragged my sorry self out of bed!) she comes down to our room and crawls into our bed. Some mornings she is quiet and just likes to run her fingers through my hair. Other mornings she is silly and says the most off the wall things. Yet, other mornings, she is talkative and expects us to talk with her! (Uh, I'm not such a morning person and I don't talk when I wake... so, this is quite challenging for me.)

Today was one of those mornings where she expected me to carry on a conversation with her. I lay there a bit and thought what could I ask her about. Hmmm. Well, she is nearing Preschool graduation at the local YMCA, so I decided I would do a bit of quizzing to see what our preschool at home will need to entail next year! Here is how it went... sort of - remember, it was early and I am NOT a morning person.


"Where do you live?"


"Good.  Do you know what town in Oregon you live in?"

"A long ways away."

Pops gives a clue and she screams our little town's name. I am shocked that her noise has not yet woke the rest of the neighborhood at 6:45 am.  We talk about other things for about 10 or 15 minutes and then I revisit the topic.

"Do you remember where you live?"


"Yes. Do you remember where in Oregon you live?"


"Uh, no. Who lives there?"


"No. Geemah doesn't live in Seattle, but she has flown through Seattle to go home to Illinois. Do you know why it is important to know where you live?"

No response.

"If you were ever to get lost and someone was trying to help you, you could tell them where you live and they would be able to help you get home to your mama and daddy."


"So, can you remember where you live?"

"No. Yes. Illinois!"

"No. Geemah lives in Illinois."

"That's ok. I'll go live with her if I get lost!!"


  1. That's right, Blossom, you would always be welcome here! Love you lots, sweetie! So cute & precious. G.


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