Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Day for Blossom!

Playschool at the YMCA is officially over for Blossom. She graduated with her class and was honored with the "Quietest Student" award. HUH? This is our child who has no volume control? This is the one who seems to yell you something (Not a typo. She does not tell people things. She yells people what she knows.) when you are sitting three inches away! Apparently, she is not vying for attention there, or she is a little out of her element and stays relatively shy most of the time she is at Playschool.


Either way, she is a gem and is excited to be getting "big." She said she was happy to be done with Playschool because now she can do all the things that Bud and Branch are doing! Yep, she'll be joining the family tree-school for Pre-K work this year!


Congratulations, Blossom, on your big day!

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  1. Congratulations, Blossom. Proud of you! Love, G.


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