Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ihop, U-hop, we all hop for Ihop!

There is an Ihop in our area. When we drive by, the kids always say, "Let's go to Ihop!!" One day I asked, "What's so great about Ihop?" I was informed that their funny face pancakes are great and they wanted to stop and have one. The especially liked the whipped cream squirted on top.

We have taken them to Ihop less than the fingers on my right hand (not including the thumb). How they remember such things, I will never know. But, what I remember about going to Ihop with the kids is that we took them on a "kids eat free" night and were thinking how we were so smart. Apparently, Ihop is pretty smart, too. Yes, the kids got their pancake free. BUT, their small kid milk was over $2 each.  We spent over $6 on less than 16 ounces of milk. 


When I learned what was so great about Ihop, I stepped up to the plate and made our very own funny face pancakes - which the kids loved! I haven't heard the "Let's go to Ihop" rant for some time. Now they say, "There's Ihop!" Maybe I've cured them of the desire for pricey pancakes by having a bit of whipped cream at home!


  1. What a fun idea! My kids would love it. Maybe I will surprise them.

  2. I love this idea! I'm doing it as soon as I can find out how to hide the whip cream cannister from the 13 yr. old with the food-detecting ability of a bloodhound...

  3. I have a side by side refrigerator. I hide my whipped cream on the top shelf surrounded by things like tall cottage cheese containers with an "in the que" tub of butter on top. Then maybe one of those large containers of vanilla yogurt with a tub of sour cream on top. I don't like for everyone to know when I have "whippy whip" in the house!!! They love it on everything it seems... jello, pudding, pancakes, fresh fruit and the list goes on! When I had the traditional top freezer/bottom fridge, I hid it in one of two places. Either the bottom shelf behind some bottles, left-overs and some kind of large item OR I would lay it on its side in the produce drawer under the lettuce, peppers and tomatoes! They like carrots, but won't touch the other stuff to forage - they like a salad, but it doesn't scream snack to them! The meat/cheese drawer, on the other hand is a bad hiding place at our house! Everyone nibbles on cheese and meat for a snack now and then! Happy Hiding!!! :)

  4. Elm, these pancakes look delightful! You are such a creative, fun Mom! Wish I had some kids around to make them for. :o(

    Love, Auntie S.

    PS. Have a HAPPY 10th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow!


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