Friday, May 29, 2009

10 MORE reasons to love that Pops!

  1. Pops left for work. I walked into my bedroom to find a hereford cow hide waiting to surprise me. I have been wanting one for nearly 2 years now. Patience has paid off! I LOVE IT! Uh, and by the way, for those of you who don't know... my living room, kitchen, dining room, 1/2 bath and loft are all decorated in a cowboy/cowgirl/rodeo theme of sorts... It is sort of understated, but that is the "look." Our Master Bedroom is working its way to the same look... slowly, but surely!
  2. Pops bought me an SUV. Yep. I am no longer a minivan baseball mom! If I COULD cartwheel, I would. (I'll post photos later!)
  3. Pops has told me that we need that SUV so that we can tow our future cattle and horses... Oh, my goodness! Those dreams will some day really come true... We've been talking about all that for nearly 14 years. (Yep, we dated for nearly 4 whole years!) He's gonna have to get a big truck if we are really gonna haul things, though... an SUV can't tow a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer. Hmmm, maybe he just wants a pick-up!
  4. Pops writes great funny little poems filled with cryptic clues of fun to come.
  5. Pops is taking me to dinner at 7 o'clock at some place on "glass rock." I have my suspicions as to where that is.  But, I can't be certain.
  6. Pops says in his poem that he will help me pick out some "bling" and I thought the bling was the SUV! Nope!! We will find some rocks he says!!!
  7. Pops makes me laugh until I hurt. He's a funny guy. I am looking forward to an evening of laughs and fun.
  8. Pops seems to really love surprising AND spoiling me! :)
  9. Pops is really GOOD at that surprising and spoiling bit.
  10. Pops is the best. He's just the best. 
Watch out... the next time you talk with me, I may be totally ROTTEN!


  1. My goodness! I hope JR is reading your site today. Our (8th) anniversary is Tuesday! :) But heck, I'll give him a break this year and next and let him save up all those goodies for our 10-year anniversary!

  2. Way to go, Pops! What a good guy. Love ya, G.

  3. So, what ARE you driving now?? Really was it unexpected?? I thought I was cool with a new BlackBerry for Mother's Day!! Have fun tonight!!

  4. what in the world. . . an SUV?? better be a suburban!! goodness gracious.


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