Monday, August 5, 2013

Used Curriculum Sale!! - Life update soon...

Settling in to our new life... and getting ready for our 2013-2014 school year. I have been organizing and cleaning and thanks to Jessica's Curriculum Sale Blog Hop, clearing off the shelves of books and such that we no longer need or use in our home education. So - before I get back to any kind of regular blogging, we will start our year and hopefully, do it a little bit "lighter"!!

So, without further ado...

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items listed, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address, and I will send you your total, with shipping, along with my PayPal info. (If you'd rather not leave your email address, you can email me directly at afamilytreehouse{AT}gmail[dot]com. But, please DO leave a comment so that I make sure to find your email (in case it shows up in "junk"!!)

Shipping will be a flat rate of:

  • $5.00 for up to 2 lbs
  • $6.00 for up to 4 lbs
  • $8.00 for up to 6 lbs. 
to cover the cost of packaging and shipping in the continental U.S. If your selections would happen to weigh over 6 lbs., I'll let you know the shipping costs. And please feel free to do "Let's Make A Deal"... I have tossed prices out here based on what I paid, what they are going for now, how much I used them or if they only sat on a shelf with good intentions... The only thing "set in stone" around here is our house and the 10 Commandments!!

Thank you!


DSC_0005 photo file.jpg

Onions in My Boots - NEW - $6 SOLD
Easy as 1, 2, 3 - A Cathoic Overview of Science for the Primary Grades - Like New - $3 Sale Pending
Science 2 for Little Folks - Like New - $6 SOLD
Catholic Stories from Science 2 - Good/Acceptable, cover wear, no writing, older edition - $2 SOLD
The Original Backyard Scientist - Like New - $2
Backyard Scientist Series One - Like New - $2
Kindergarten Science for Young Catholics - Like NEW - $2
Science 2 for Young Catholics - Very Good, some cover wear - $3 SOLD
How to Do a Science Project - Used Library Copy - FREE WITH OTHER PURCHASE
Developing Critical Thinking Through Science Book 1 - Like New - $3
Science Interactions: First Course - Like New, School Text, school stamp inside - $7

DSC_0007 photo file-1.jpg

DSC_0008 photo file-2.jpg
Creative Communications - New - $4
My Catholic Speller - Level C - NEW - $7 SOLD

DSC_0009 photo file-3.jpg
Celebrate Special Days - OOP, Acceptable, cover wear - $2
Summer Fun!: 60 Activities for a Kid-Perfect Summer - Like New - $3 SOLD

DSC_0010 photo file-4.jpg
The New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism - NEW (in shrink wrap) duplicate - $1
Jesus Our Guide: Activity Guide - Book 4- NEW - $5 SOLD
Who am I?: Pre-K/K, Teacher's Manual (Image of God Series) - 1st Ed. OOP - NEW - $9

DSC_0011 photo file-5.jpg
Blue Knights Boys' Club Leader's Guide Year 2 - NEW - $6
Blue Knights Boys' Club Member Guide Year 2 - NEW - $3 SOLD
Little Flowers Girls' Club Leader's Guide Wreath IV - NEW - $6
Little Flowers Girls' Club Activity Book Wreath III & IV - NEW - $3 SOLD

DSC_0012 photo file-6.jpg
The Essential Book of Presidential Trivia - NEW - $3
Dinah Zike's Big Book of World History - NEW - $10

DSC_0013 photo file-7.jpg
Complete Book of Art Ideas - NEW - $8
The Usborne Art Treasury - NEW, hard cover, dust jacket has shelf wear - $7
Draw Write Now, Book 1 - Acceptable, some pencil markings inside (will take pics of inside marking if you'd like) - $2 SOLD

DSC_0014 photo file-8.jpg
You Can Teach Yourself Guitar - Like New - $8 SOLD
You Can Teach Yourself Guitar - DVD - Played 3 or 4 times/Like New - $5 SOLD

DSC_0015 photo file-9.jpg
Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum - Like New - $5 SOLD
Catholic Education: Homeward Bound - Like New - $6 SOLD

DSC_0016 photo file-10.jpg
101 Amusing Ways to Develop Your Child's Thinking Skills and Creativity - Acceptable, spots on cover - $1
The 100 Best Brain-Boosters - Very Good - $1

DSC_0017 photo file-11.jpg
The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder by T. L. Tedrow

DSC_0018 photo file-12.jpg
Literature Notes: The Mitten - Like New - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE
Creating Curriculum Using Children's Picture Books - Like New - $7

DSC_0019 photo file-13.jpg
Open Court Reading: Level 4 - School Edition, Very Good Condition, Only recorded one student use in 07/08 (besides my child at home)- $3 Sale Pending
The Accidental Zucchini: An Unexpected Alphabet - NEW - $3

DSC_0020 photo file-14.jpg
Chewing Gum in Holy Water: A Childhood in the Heart of Italy - Like New - $1 SOLD
Story Craft by the Author of Hank the Cowdog - Like New, autographed by the author - $2
Amazing Grace for Mothers - Like New - $3
Prayerfully Expecting - Like New - $2

DSC_0021 photo file-15.jpg
Raising Happy Kids - Like New - $1
Living Aboard Your RV - Some Shelf Wear - $1
RV Vacations For Dummies - Shelf Wear - $1

DSC_0022 photo file-16.jpg
DSC_0023 photo file-17.jpg
Learn Spanish Together - Like New contents, box damage by opening, - $6

DSC_0024 photo file-18.jpg
Let's Sing and Learn in Spanish, Book and CD Edition - Gently Used - $3

DSC_0027 photo file-20.jpg
Play and Learn Spanish with Audio CD - Possible CD Scratch? (will update after I listen to the whole CD) - $...

DSC_0028 photo file-21.jpg
Rapanese (The Musical Method of Learning Spanish), Series 1, CD - One small skip when repeating one phrase on the 3rd or 4th time - $1

DSC_0026 photo file-19.jpg
Managers of Their Chores - Like New, all parts included for 4 ChorePacks only out of the shrink wrap for looking over the book - $12 Sale Pending

DSC_0029 photo file-22.jpg
Learning System 2007 - Never Used, do not know how or if it works - Free with the purchase of something else!

Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. And hop on over to Jessica's to see if someone else has thinned their shelves of something that you need! 


  1. Hi. We are interested in:

    Draw Write Now, Book 1 - $2
    Catholic Education: Homeward Bound - $6
    Blue Knights Boys' Club Member Guide Year 2 - $3
    Little Flowers Girls' Club Activity Book Wreath III & IV - $3

    Please contact me at

  2. Yay! So glad you've joined the link up!
    I'd love to get:
    Jesus Our Guide Activity Book - $5.00
    Onions in My Boots - $6.00
    I'll send you an email. I am also a little curious about Managers of Their Chores - might add that, but not sure yet.

  3. I am interested in:
    Science 2 for little folks
    catholic stories from science 2
    science 2 for young catholics
    and my catholic speller level c


  4. Can I get the Managers of their chores?

    1. Mimi P - I have no way to contact you other than here to let you know that this book can be yours if you do want it. Go ahead and email me ( afamilytreehouse{at}gmail[dot]com ) your shipping address and I will send my Paypal info in reply. If I do not hear back from you before Aug 8, 2013, I will pass the offer of Managers of Their Chores on to Ann Marie. Thanks!!

    2. I am passing the offer on to Ann Marie, Mimi P. Thanks for considering!

  5. Hi I would like to buy Manager of their chores.

    In Christ,
    Ann Marie,

  6. Hi,
    I'm interested in the Guitar book and dvd set.
    Also the Chewing Gum book, and Summer Fun. Thanks!

  7. I am interested in buying

    Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum - Like New - $5

    Thanks and God bless,
    krisvog2000 at yahoo dot com

  8. Hello there!
    I would be interested in:
    Science 2 for Young Catholics
    Easy as 1, 2, 3
    Catholic Speller C
    Open court reader Level 4
    Let me know if they are still available.


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