Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So, I am really going to write about it. Seriously. Gonna skip right over the VMA awards and that which they call pop "culture." I am going to skip talking seriously about the ridiculous "bounty" in our garden (for now). I am going to skip telling you all about the great new schedule we have implemented at our house to get school work and chores accomplished. I am even going to skip pictures of the new haircut Bump is sporting.


Because there is something MUCH more important that I must share.


This quite possibly will rock your world. It has been rockin' mine.


It is hot out. NO - really. It is HOT out. Hot and humid and HOT. I have been peacefully enjoying this nice warmish mild summer here in Nebraska. It hasn't been too bothersome to me that Pops often travels to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. But this week? I am in crabby mode and am steaming about and with the weather. I would be quite happy to get on with the cold weather... 30-50 degrees VERY welcome in my book. Zero - 30 isn't too bad either. So, I am spending today and yesterday and well, Sunday, too, irritated that it is too hot to go outside. It is too hot to move around. I have spent a fair amount of time in the basement while drinking water and eating ice, which sends me to the bathroom more than I care to admit. I will be happy when the rain starts, the cold front moves through and the first freeze hits. Until then, this wonderful personal heater I am sporting is in overdrive and I cannot seem to keep cool.

I am done complaining now. Thank you for listening.

Because you made it all the way to the bottom... I will share a little treat. I'm good like that to people who hear me out!! :) Bump loves his daddy and loves his cars. So, the girls helped him spell out a little message with his cars for his daddy. Pops returns home tonight from a quick trip to Missouri. Some people around here are VERY excited!! (This is most definitely NOT the new haircut for Bump!!)

DSC_0046 photo file-13.jpg

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  1. You need to move pack to the Pacific North West. Seriously! :)
    Or at least tag along for a visit, SOON!!! Prayers for you!


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