Friday, August 16, 2013

We Interrupt This Home Tour...

... to tell you I am kind of freakin' out!! WHO was it that decided my "baby" could be big and want to do preschooly things?!? WHAT? He knows a lot of the letters, their sounds and many numbers. Sheesh... I better catch up with him!

So, I decided we would work with letters and numbers this year in a fun kind of way. Bump has taken a liking to the kitchen - scooping and dumping and stirring and TASTING!! So, earlier this summer when I was ordering supplies for the bigger kids, I decided to order a bucket of fun from and gave him the bucket the other day. WOW! Someone was over the moon excited! Good thing I was planning to make some cookies for one of our church's fundraisers!! I made extra dough and let Bump go to it with his cutters!

We chose A and 1 to start out with... wasn't that a perfect start!?!  We'll see how orderly he prefers to go the rest of the time!

DSC_0001 photo file.jpg

You can maybe see my fundraiser cookies back there in the background! Some are red "N" and others are color-less "N" or shaped as the state of Nebraska. Apparently, they were a big hit and sold well (we did not attend the fundraiser - just donated a load of "stuff").

DSC_0003 photo file-1.jpg

Bump liked doing it "ALL BY MYSELF" - it took all my willpower to not keep getting in his space and saying... "WAIT! Closer together so we don't have to keep rolling it out." But, I bit my tongue and just let him enjoy himself with his ration of dough! It may be one of the hardest things I do with him all year long... patience is a WHAT? Virtue... will keep working on that one!!

DSC_0006 photo file-2.jpg

Bump was wanting to eat the dough he was enjoying it so much. So, I figured he wouldn't want to wait for cooling, frosting making and frosting and sprinkling all... SO, we did my FAVORITE way to decorate cut out sugar cookies!!

DSC_0007 photo file-3.jpg

I made a simple "paint" mix and we brushed that on... NO PICS OF THAT! I could NOT let that one be alllllll by himself - red food color is not the friend of clothes, formica counter tops, fingers, rugs, floors, etc... Dip and Paint and I HELPED (thanks shake n bake girl!).

DSC_0009 photo file-4.jpg

After the easy paint is on, sprinkle on large clear decorator sugar crystals! YUM YUM YUM and so easy! 

DSC_0010 photo file-5.jpg

The red number ones did not make if into a picture baked and ready to eat... they were eaten 15 seconds after they came out of the oven by the crew! But, I kept back his letter A cookies to decorate when I worked on the other ones. He wanted blue sprinkles - so... here is a simply decorated plate of Letter A Cookies!!! :)

DSC_0001 photo file-6.jpg

One afternoon shortly after baking these cookies, Bump took a nice nap... But, he woke up as crabby as any three year old could possibly be! So, I suggested a cookie and milk. Somehow he decided crying wasn't worth it and the cookie was a great idea! So - those are some sort of tired wake up eyes to go with that sleepy time hair!

DSC_0001 photo file-7.jpg

Apparently the cookies are GOOD. The entire batch (triple batch - actually!) is GONE.

DSC_0003 photo file-8.jpg

Chewed up, swallowed up, G.O.N.E.!!!

DSC_0004 photo file-9.jpg

However, we did take a dozen to the fundraiser, a half dozen to our local priests, Bump made 5-As and 5-1s, about 3 dozen small 2 inch flowers that everyone enjoyed AND I sent 9 starfish cookies to our good friends in Oregon... Simple paint - crystal sprinkles...

DSC_0011 photo file-10.jpg

Bake up pretty, puffy and smelling delicious!!

DSC_0014 photo file-12.jpg

They were apparently a hit and they were well received!! :) So fun to do many projects out of one time in the kitchen! I should have taken pictures of how I wrapped them up and sent them off - but I was in a hurry to get them sent. So, I am lucky to say that Jessica took pictures and put them on HER blog looking so much prettier than here on the baking sheet!!! :) Go have a look-see!!!

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