Friday, August 30, 2013

It's FRIDAY???

WOW! I think this week went strangely fast considering all the belly-aching I've done about the heat and humidity here in Eastern Nebraska! Now, we only have to get through one outdoor day on Sunday in supposedly milder temps. Crossing fingers, saying prayers!!

Today is Pops' birthday!! I won't tell you how old he is because that makes him OLD and his mother OLDER and therefore his Grandfather OLDER, YET!! You see, the mom and grandfather have been sticking to a number as long as possible... 29 & 39 were their ages FOR.EVER. Then, I reminded them that their son/grandson turned 29 and they had to go up a decade.... They are going to have to go with a new decade here... and I am not going to be the one to TELL them those new figures!!

I will spare you any photos, but my dog... had a rough time with a 30 hour missing dog hunt, found in the muddy edge of the lake, a week of trying to recover, a nasty infection that caused some not so nice stuff to happen with her skin/hair, and auto immune response where she couldn't heal. She is on the mend!! BUT - her back looks weird and I am not sure that it will ever look quite right! She is super slow to grow hair and I fear that area will stay bald forever. Not pretty. But, feeling better and acting happier!!

Somedays just I feel like just doing this:

DSC_0049 photo file-35.jpg

Don't tell on me, k!?!!

Back in June, we spent some time here:

DSC_0079 photo file-14.jpg

Feeling a little "homesick" for the west... I smell another really long road trip coming!! (In June, we added over five thousand miles to our annual log... we were only gone about 2 weeks. Let's just say there was a LOT of zigzagging!!)

So, if you were going to be headed west on I-80 out to Oregon... and the first stopping area was between Rock Springs, WY and Salt Lake City, UT what would you hope to see and do? We're talking in the very near future, so there is no snow in the forecast!

Have you ever packed for a two week journey for 6 people and only brought 2 small carry-on sized suitcases? That is my hope, anyway. If you have any tips or tricks... please do share!!

I am forever over-packing. Unless, I just bring all the wrong things. (Like in June when I brought summer things and we were on the coast and I had to shop the Goodwill to have some things warm enough to be outside of the hotel!)

Our garden is flourishing... The Mortgage Lifter Tomato is my favorite in our collection of tomato plants. We have some smaller tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes, too. These are by far my favorites of the season. I sliced some last night for our delicious burgers and yum yum yum!! Perfect to have one slice cover the WHOLE bun and burger! I think we ought to have some BLTs, soon!!!

DSC_0003 photo file-8.jpg

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