Monday, September 2, 2013

Working With Pops

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A little "selfie" on the road on the way to "work with dad day"!!
Pops had to work out at the Nebraska State Fair last week at the Birthing Pavilion. Over the past couple weeks, he has had more time working closer to home and has taken kids with him. Bud went on a specimen (a nice veterinary and scientific way to say cow poop) collection day, Branch headed to a conference with him and yesterday Blossom went to the fair.

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A fuel-up stop means Pops is up next for a quick pic!!
No one was very upset or felt left out in the morning. The temperatures were predicted in the upper 90s. We have been to MANY birthing pavilions at fairs across the country - I think quite possibly even this one in the past couple years. So, normally, we go, see the mamas ready to birth their babies... tomorrow. OR, they were born yesterday so, here - watch the video! Maybe it is, here are the newly hatched baby chicks - cute, eh? SO... not much action, even if we hang around for several hours. Pops had Blossom bring a few books and expected that she'd enjoy looking at the animals for an hour and then would draw and read the rest of the morning.

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Walking up to the Birthing Pavilion Building, they found this great sculpture. I'm glad it was too big to consider purchasing and tossing in the back of the van and bringing it home! - Just sayin'...
Wouldn't ya know... it was HER lucky day!! When they arrived in the morning one of the other helpers was a full-of-energy extension specialist for NE Vet Med. Right away Blossom was handed a scrub top for a uniform so that she could be official. (Pops told the gal, "THANKS for starting a war in my home!" The nice gal asked how many more children there were at home at sent home extra scrub tops for the other kids!)

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Starting off on the right "official" foot as Dr. Q Medicine Woman!
Her scrub top is a little on the big side, but with a little growth... AAAHHH!! No, stay small! We'll just call it a scrub mini-dress and wear it with leggings!! :)

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Behind the pens with the newest calf.
When Pops and Blossom arrived, a cow was actively in labor with her little calf. They didn't have to wait very long before the calf was born! Blossom was very excited and was standing close where she could watch and see it all - right next to a 73 year old woman who grew up on a farm and had never before seen a calf born as her dad always had shooed her and her sister into the house for being out there was "man's work"... WHAT?!?!!! Anyway, the woman and Blossom were having a great time watching and talking about how "mom is going to do this soon with OUR baby!" Oh, how I love the references to birthing cows....

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Right after the calf was born, Rachel (the extension specialist) asked Blossom what she thought the calf should be named! Blossom said, "Buckwheat" right away and they put all of the baby calf's important information up on the board with her new name! All within the first 30 minutes... a uniform, calf being born and getting to name the calf! NOT our typical experience at Birthing Pavilions!

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The piglets were a little older, but were fun for her to watch. And really, who couldn't love a piglet all pink and curly tailed!?! She watched them for a while before Rachel came over and made little girl dreams a reality!

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Would you want to hold one of those piglets? Hmmmm., let's see... Are we at the Nebraska State Fair today? Am I wearing a red scrub top? Do I have blonde hair? Am I an 8 year old girl? Uh, YES! She wanted to hold a piglet!!

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What is happening? She is starting to look all grown up!
Apparently, Blossom was the first person to hold one of the piglets and not get tons of squealing out of it. This little piglet just calmly settled into her arms and enjoyed being babied a bit!

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Dairy cow & heifer calf pen in foreground of picture, Beef cow and bull calf pen in background.
Rachel and Blossom went into the Beef Cow pen and sat with the mama and bull calf in the straw talking about the animals for a while. There were lots of questions from the public and since she had an official scrub top on, Blossom was asked lots and lots of questions about animals!

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Some kind of special treatment going on at the Birthing Pavilion, I'd say!

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Pops was excited for her and all the neat experiences she was having. Lots of interesting things to keep her busy and that dreaded "I'm BOOORRRED" phrase never had a chance that day! She did snag the phone again to get a picture of Pops! Even in all that heat, they stayed cool in the building with great air conditioning and wonderful ventilation to let some of the stale smell out!

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Front row seating right up next to the pens!
When Rachel had to answer questions with the public or tend to other duties there was a little stool to sit on and watch the babies and their mamas.

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I have to think that it was a pretty good day for dad and daughter! Of course, I sat and listened to all of Blossom's stories about her fun time. I asked if she was glad Pops had woke her up early to tag along. She said that she had been wondering if there was going to be a day that she was going to get to go with Pops just like Bud and Branch had. So, she was glad that she got to go. BUT, she was really hoping that her trip with Pops would involve a visit to a bowling alley. OH - I see. 'Cause lots of veterinary work gets done at a bowling alley... right?!?!!


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