Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - "on the road again" edition

Oregon. This is a really "quick take"... how is it you can miss a place and BE there at the same time. I had no idea when we decided to move back to the midwest that I would miss ALL that Oregon has to offer in its landscape. Don't get me wrong... I love the people in the midwest and I love our church in the Lincoln Diocese... BUT - Oregon. yes... Oregon.

I am contemplating the business opportunity in coin operated laundromats. Seriously. I am at the hotel doing ONLY three loads of laundry for our family of six after what we have worn since Sunday... so, nearly a week. We are pretty conservative and re-wear jeans and pajamas...but, I just spent $6 for three loads. I imagine that this is "inexpensive" in terms of laundromats. I am only using a hotel machine at $1/wash and $1/dry. I have had the pleasure of using the public laundromat on other trips and have spent at least $2/wash and at times $3/dry!! Hmmm... I'd sure like to see a balance sheet of an average, excellent and failing laundromat. I think that would be interesting... Along with that - how about the pricing structure and other assorted financial information broken down. All this... for laundry!

The 103rd Pendleton Round-Up has been fun. We have had some pretty warm days here in Pendleton, but don't have to fight the humidity and so it is very bearable. We have done a fair amount of walking around the downtown area, peeking in stores, drooling over the smells of the various food booths, considered a tour or two around town, ate pizza, "fry bread", Hawaiian Shaved Ices... I have lots of pictures of the rodeo and will share them later in their own post... hoping to get home to do that!

We are constantly arranging and re-arranging our plans on these long trips! We thought that we would get to Yellowstone by Saturday to celebrate Bud's 12th birthday!! It is now looking like we won't get there for that. So, perhaps we will make it to Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve for his birthday. It looks like they have a "Star Party" on Friday night... maybe we can get there by then! That would make his evening! If not, we'll have a look at what is available on his birthday. WAIT! What? 12!??!! Holy Smokes! We'll have a teenager next year?!??? My, how time flies!!

We had so much fun with Jessica and her family last week. No one was ready to leave their house... and I get a request DAILY from Bump to return to "his friend, {Snuggle's} house". I love that we have such a great family to be friends with and spend some good time with! Now we are just hoping, praying and waiting (trying to do that one patiently!) for their visit to Nebraska!! ;)

Today is "Friday the 13th" and Bud said, "Aaaahhhhh" and hid under the sheets. Then came out and said - "Nothing to worry about." Blossom, shouted "HOOOOoooooray!!! I'm 8.5 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

From Sept 10 - Sept 12 I took 677 pictures. It is going to take me a while to go through them to share our stay in Pendleton!!! I am excited, though... The bull riding event at the Round-Up did NOT disappoint!!! (Sorry... gotta leave you a little teaser!!) I'll get to the pictures ASAP and share soon!!

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  1. (If you get this twice, it's 'cause my iPad worked when I thought it was slacking.)

    It's when I take 5 minutes to sit down and read blogs, to catch up, that I remember how much I miss the blogosphere! (Nothing's holding me back but lack of time.)

    What a fun post to read! I hope to visit Oregon someday, maybe take you as my tour guide! Everything I've seen and heard makes it sound like heaven on earth. I saw it from an airplane once, saw its mountains. Wow. And the Pendleton Rodeo, Yellowstone, the list goes on. What an amazing trip! Can't wait to hear more about it and see some more pictures!

    And thinking of the Pendleton Rodeo, I wonder how the River City Roundup Compares, or whether Omaha still puts that on. Time to google me some rodeo, I guess. :)


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