Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Visitor!

Yesterday evening, the kids were enamored watching something at the window. After a while we were called to join them and see this little visitor on the window. I fetched my camera and when I went out to  take some pictures it was a little frisky and jumped off the window and skittered about on the deck. 

DSC_0002 photo file-2.jpg

I did think that it was a very pretty insect with its coloring. I can't say its "shape" was all that attractive... as it is sort of spindly and moved a bit quick for my liking!

DSC_0006 photo file-3.jpg

It worked on moving itself back up the screen door - thankfully there was an area that was a bit dirty... that helped it have some traction! While it was working to climb in one area that was all white and shiny it kept slipping back down! So, dirt on the frame of my window... thank you for being there to help a little insect!!

DSC_0013 photo file-4.jpg

While Pops and I ventured outside to get a better look at the little guy, the treekids FIRMLY rooted themselves indoors and had little freak outs every time the bug moved, fell, jumped, etc and when we would motion to come out and look closer!

DSC_0015 photo file-5.jpg

They wanted to see it... just not THAT close! Through the window glass was close enough. I sort of think they missed out!

DSC_0018 photo file-6.jpg

So, this is a Praying Mantis and he did not disappoint, he folded his little front feet together as if in prayer. I was thinking that it would be good to check out a few things from the library and found that the following titles are available at our local library:  

I hope to check these out and have a chance to look through them with the treekids... then I hope another praying mantis stops by for a visit!

DSC_0027 photo file-7.jpg

Maybe after learning more about this insect - and many others - they will not be afraid to let it walk, jump and tickle their hand! I have to admit, I did let it crawl on me for a few seconds, but it was just a little creepy feeling and I had to shiver and when I did, I shook it off. So - maybe I, too, could learn a bit about these little insects! He was friendly - and so cool to watch. Nothing like the families of wasps around here!! 

(I was waiting for someone to suggest catching it, putting it in a container and storing it in the freezer. Pops' cousin studied entomology in college and would babysit our kids and take them for "nature hikes" and continue her bug collection with them... so, they learned the best way to collect insects to be displayed for a pin board!)

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