Thursday, March 22, 2012

One year ago this week: Oregon Coast Good Byes

It was a year ago this week that we said good bye to Oregon and its beautiful coast, mountains, lush green (well, not in the late summer/early fall!), beautiful rains, and treasured friends.
Last Day on the Oregon Coast, Add a description�Do you like the starfish I found??
Lately, I have been remembering and longing for the home I have lived the longest as an adult! We lived in Southwest Oregon for just over 3.5 years. Every other adult home I have lived in has been a much shorter stay!
OH... the waves on the oregon coast!
(here Bud is putting the starfish back near the water's edge so that the outgoing water will take this amazing creature back to sea)
So, it was interesting to me as I looked back last night that this last day on the Oregon Coast last spring was actually March 21st!
Good bye Oregon Coast!
I wonder if Bump will recall any of the fun at the ocean - the feet sinking in the saturated sand, the smell of the ocean mist, the roar of the waves crashing all night long through the open windows (No it is not a lapping sound, at all, ever! It is a CONSTANT roar and crash. It is amazing and awe inspiring!), the feel of the mist and the warm sun together.
Will Bump remember the Oregon Coast?, Our baby turned one, here... but will he remember the waves, the crashing, the smell, the sounds... I hope it is PART of him!
You know, I love the midwest. I love being able to see for miles and miles and miles. I love seeing the black spots of cattle across the fields. I love seeing the crops starting to peek up in late spring.
Last digs at the sand and surf on the Oregon Coast
Perhaps that is why I loved the ocean so much. The ocean is a lot like the midwest, to me.
Oregon Coast Waves crashing on the sand
You can stand on the shore and look out for miles and miles and miles...
Last Day on the Coast, Drift wood = Teeter Totter!
The spots on the ocean are the ships coming and going - but they could be carrying cattle into port from Hawaii!?!!
Drift wood teeter totter!
And the crops surprising you as they appear are like the birds flying and diving for fish or the nose of a sea otter poking up as you stand and look off the dock, or the blow of a gray whale.
Driftwood Teeter Totter
Speaking of whales, the spring migration watch is just about to begin! Too bad we can't pop in the car and get to the Oregon coast in as little as 2 hours!
Driftwood Teeter Totter - balanced!?!
Oh, well... it is calving season around here! Lots of baby calves popping up on the nearby pastures and lots and lots of mama cows heavy with their calves about to be born.
we love it on the Oregon Coast!
There are so many wonderful things to see and do in our amazing country... will there be enough time in our lifetime to do and see it all??
Our home in Oregon... a place of fond memories that I miss
This is my old home... it is "under contract" now and will likely have a new family living there soon. Neighbors in the 'hood have kept us in the know! I was secretly hoping that the house wouldn't sell and would have to have its price lowered to an unbelievable price so that we could re-purchase the home as a "vacation home" to stay and go back to visit all the places that we loved. Do you have a previous home that you loved the are and miss? Do you have a list of things you still must go and see or do in the good ol' U.S. of A. before your time is up on this world??


  1. I, too, miss OR. Was a wonderful place to visit. Might be who lived there that made it more special. :) Love, G.

  2. What a beautiful home! Sometimes, I get so homesick for the ocean it hurts. My mom and I lived in this beautiful Victorian in Amityville, NY on a canal leading to the bay. I used to go crabbing on the pier and I loved all the character that house had. I do miss that place. :)
    Jess in OK


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