Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to Reality

Well, it is official. Geemah has gone home. We have been struggling to get back to "normal" and it is always very hard for the treekids!!

When most company comes for purely a visit, I tend to let the house go a bit in order to enjoy the company. That means that I have... at least 7 or 8 loads of laundry to start (after the 4 I have done since Geemah left - and she ran 3 or 4 loads while she was here! REMIND ME, dear friends, to always keep up with AT LEAST the laundry while I have company!!) and the rest of the cleaning can be done quickly with the help of the treekids.

Well, it SHOULD be able to be completed quickly! But, they suffer from post-company-let-down. They are all in a funk around here. There are long faces, "we're bored" statements, "where's Geemah?" from Bump, and the general discontent that comes after the excitement of Geemah's visit. Along with the post-company-let-down, there is the "WHAT? We have to do something that looks like real life or real book learning? WHAT? I think that my toes can drag in this dirt a little longer..."

fly home, Dropped Geemah off at the Will Rogers Airport in OKC! Can't wait for her to return next month!!!
This is my lovely mom. I love her! Isn't she just great?!?!
I dropped her off at the airport in OKC on Saturday.
The kids and Pops stayed home... Branch couldn't contain
her "So long, see ya next month" tears.
It was a GREAT visit that none of us wanted to end!

So, things that would normally take us 20 minutes are taking 2 hours... and here it is, the end of the day and I am finally getting back to my computer. I love reality - and it seems that I like it uninterrupted. However, I love the interruption!! What a contradiction.

Anyone have any great awesome tips to share about how they keep reality going while they have company at their house? Somehow, the under the bed area shouldn't be packed full of laundry worn for 30 minutes, toys played with for 20 seconds and the like. Laundry SHOULD be dropped in the appropriate sorting basket... How do you accomplish this in your larger families?!?!!! Do you just have to put on the "mean mom" hat all day long to keep it in tip top shape, or have you found some other great motivational methods!?! Please do share!!

In the mean time, I will be missing my mom... and waiting anxiously for her return (with my dad) next month! FUN FUN FUN!! (So, pony up those tips quickly so we don't do this craziness again, next month!!)


  1. We try and keep up with things by doing brief clean up time in the evenings before bed, even when we've got guests. I don't make them pick up all the day through, but I still make sure we do clean up. Sometimes guests help out (GranEde, GranDude, G-Daddy and Sherry are all great helpers) and sometimes they don't. But I find it helps keep my sanity if we carve out some time in the beginning and end of our day. Glad you had fun with your Mom! Looks like the calf is tons of fun too.

  2. Glad to hear that your mom & YOUR dad get to visit next month, too! I know how you all enjoy those visits! I know they eagerly anticipate them too! Loved seeing the photo of your mom; I don't get to see her much myself.:( Good luck on getting back to your normal routines & catching up with all that laundry.
    Aunt S.

  3. So enjoyed visiting. Love being with you ~ each and everyone. Makes me smile remembering all the fun times. "To infinity and beyond!" is a good Bump quote! :) Love, G.


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