Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adding to the Collection of Critters with some Box Turtles

This past weekend when Pops took the treekids hunting for morels, they ran into a few slow moving reptiles!
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 02
In all, they collected four box turtles so that each of the treekids could have their "own one." (As in the words of Bump... everything when he wants his own, he says "I want my own one, own one.")
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 03
A friend dropped off their old baby pool this weekend for us to use for our ducks, which are still a little too small right now for swimming. So, it is a perfect little place for the turtles to be held captive for observation.
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 04
Blossom had out the World Book Encyclopedia this morning looking up turtles to find out more information. She found that some swim under water, but have to come up to get air.
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 06
She found that they lay eggs and they are white! But, usually the female will dig a hole, lay the eggs inside and cover them back up. The sun will keep the area warm and in about 100 days, the turtles will hatch.
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 08
That is about all that she wanted to learn today about turtles from a book. So, out she went and is trying to coax them out of their shell to watch them walk - and wouldn't ya know, they come out of the shell easily and happily for that noisy child! Anyone else makes much noise out there and they clam up in their shell!
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 09
As an aside: Branch is pretty excited about the little French Manicure I did for her yesterday. But it wasn't long before the polish was all smudged and chipped. Anything in the name of science exploration, eh?!!
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 12
Bud released his turtle yesterday afternoon and said that he thought perhaps the Constitution should "go for" animals as well. So, he freed his turtle. I hope that he doesn't decide to let the chicks, ducks and calves loose or I will have to let loose on him!!
Box Turtles for Treekids! - 26
This experience here in Oklahoma is turning out to be so much fun for the treekids and a great opportunity to learn about the world with a hands on approach!!

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  1. Quite a menagerie you are accumulating! What do you feed turtles anyway? Guess you have probably figured that out already unless they have all been emancipated! Your kids are certainly gonna have a lot of fond memories of their childhoods!
    Aunt S.


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