Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes - (volume 11)

--- 1 ---

Orthodontia will begin in our home soon. Branch will have round one beginning in April. It looks like this: braces on the front 8 (top front 4 and bottom front 4) and on the back molars to guide the wires. We will make visits to the orthodontist every 6 weeks for 8 months give or take a bit of time. Braces will be removed and there will be straight front teeth with room for new teeth to come in! Then, when alllll of the permanent teeth are in, we will do braces again to get everything straight and aligned. That will be in about 2.5 to 3 years.

--- 2 ---

I looked in Blossom's mouth... and it is looking like she will follow suit in about 2 years - maybe sooner, depending on how long it takes to get her front teeth all grown in! At least it is all sounding easier than the mess I had to deal with when I was young!!

--- 3 ---

I looked at Pops' schedule yesterday for the rest of this month, April and May. I had to bite my lip - hard. It does not look good for the home team. I hope that we will see him as he passes in and out of our life!! I don't think that he has ever had a schedule that looked so hairy in his professional career. NOT looking forward to this spring... Hoping for a calm summer and cooler weather!!

--- 4 ---

I am looking at some new ideas for home learning, here. I have enjoyed watching them learn all about things like calves and fowl and reptiles and doing all that hands-on stuff! I wonder what else we can add in to do hands-on - WITHOUT adding ANY more lives to care for! I am going to have to dig in and get a plan churning!

--- 5 ---

Have you been having some unusual weather in your neck-of-the-woods?? It has been very warm here! We have seen temps in the upper 80s and I turned on the air conditioner yesterday. I am not ready for hot hot hot! I do like when the weather is at least cool in the morning still, though. So, I shouldn't complain, eh? But, those emerging bugs are driving me crazy! Have you ever sat in a hot tub at night in the complete dark? Well, we turn on the lights on the other side of the house to encourage the bugs to go over there! It is a weird experience to soak in the dark!!

--- 6 ---

I am working on setting up a Twitter Account (dunno why - I am NOT the short-winded type!) and automatic feeds of my blog posts to FaceBook. I used to have some kind of "Networked Blogs" thing on FB, but it doesn't feed anything over, now. I tried something called RSS Graffiti that is an app for Facebook, but it hasn't fed anything over in 3 days. Is there a setting that I need to change in my blog?? I allow partial feeds to feed readers... Any thoughts or helpful ideas to get my posts over there? Thanks!!

--- 7 ---

Speaking of Twitter, #, @ anyone want to give me an education - out by the woodshed is not an option. BUT, I would like to know what and how to do all that - as soon as I learn to be brief I can use it!! :)

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  1. OK...

    #[text] is a hashtag. You can create these to make your tweet searchable. Example: #lent would give you those posts dealing with Lent who chose to mark them that way. There are some strange people *raises my hand* who also use them as commentary. Example: #crazycatlady. is a website where you can go and shorten URL's so that they don't eat up characters in your character limit per tweet.

    I'm @khouriajen on Twitter. My tweets are protected so just send me a follower request and you'll be added.


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