Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness

When YOU think of March Madness, I bet you think of the big dance and all the schools sending their boys to play basketball to get to the sweet sixteen, elite eight, final four, etc... When I think of March Madness, I think of those things, too, but in a TOTALLY different context. I always think of filling out my brackets in conjunction with just about missing the whole "get to the hospital" part of having a baby.

On Sunday, March 13, 2005, our sweet Blossom was born on the floor of the elevator lobby on the labor and delivery floor at the hospital, (just an hour or so after the brackets were available online). That is due, in a large part, to March Madness. Pops and I always fill out a set or two or three of brackets and compete against each other for no prize other than bragging rights. (I have been the proud braggart many many many many years...) It took some time to get our old slow printer to get brackets printed out on high quality color prints! Sheesh, draft in black and white might have gotten us a room at least!! Anyway, March Madness is definitely a fun time in our family and this day, March 13, is a special day for our Blossom.

This year, we had a party - but it was early, last Thursday! Geemah wanted to join the fun and what child would turn down the option of a party EARLY to open a few presents!?!! Not ANY of my children!! So, party we did with two other families that we have met... both homeschooling families and one currently is living an RV Life adventure and the other (we met last summer) has settled in the area and has hung up their RV Life for now, just as we have. It was a ton of fun! Now, I think I'll just close my proverbial mouth and share the pictures!!

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 63
Everyone begins singing and she wonders if she should join in!?!!!

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 64
Find mom with the camera and smile when you are feeling unsure of what you should do!!

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 65
Make a wish... a GOOD 7 year old wish!

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 66
Blow out the candles... a "7" and 6 magic wand candles!

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 70
TOO MANY A few presents to open... this one is from Aunt JoJo who is in Illinois and
couldn't join in the fun, this year. But, I think Blossom is EX.CIT.ED that there is one from Aunt JoJo!!

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 74
"Toy Story" is kind of a big deal for our family... Bump LOVES the characters. Blossom loves Jessie
(the doll pictured above) and is always running off with Bump's Jessie doll...
Aunt JoJo solves the problem with a Jessie doll for Blossom.
(Seems as though Bump is struggling with HER having a Jessie doll. He thinks it should be his!!
Sigh... Working on it!)

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 17
Group Kid Photo...
(some of the children ARE missing from the photo - total 11 at the party, 2 stayed at home to avoid germ spread!!)

Blossom's 7th Birthday Party - 20
that they all enjoyed so much more the "silly face" time!!

Happy Happy Happy 7th Birthday, Blossom!!
We love you and all the March Madness you bring!!


  1. Give that Birthday girl of yours a BIG HUG from her aunt in Michigan!
    Great post! Fun analogy! Enjoyed sharing in her celebration long-distance. Have fun celebrating Blossom today on her actual BD!
    Aunt S.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Blossom!!! What a grrrreat year 7 will be! Love you guys!

    Aunt Lisa

    P.S. You have Blossom's "real" name in post! LOL

  3. To Blossom's (GREAT!!) Aunts...

    Thanks for the happy wishes and hugs!! I served her breakfast in bed (for some reason our children think that is just the most exciting way to start the day!) of chocolate chip pancakes, vanilla yogurt, raspberries and hot cocoa. I sent Branch out this morning to pick two daffodils and we plunked those into a small little vase to add to the breakfast tray. She is very excited to open presents this afternoon when Pops is home!! As for a cake, she has asked for CHOCOLATE! She wanted a fun looking cake, but really wants the recipe of the sheet cake that I make... decisions, decisions!!


    PS - thanks for the heads up on Blossom's name... I was thinking more about Aunt JoJo's name!! :)

  4. It was a wonderful birthday party for a special granddaughter!! So glad to have been there. Miss you all and looking forward to being with you all next month. Love, hugs and kisses!! G.
    Happy Birthday on your actual birthday! XOXO


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