Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Daybook, Entry #54

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011...

Outside my window... The Ocean. The beautiful wonderful Oregon coast... only a few long strides from my hotel room. It is high tide. Temp?? 61 degrees when we pulled in. AAaaaaah!!

I am thinking... this little overnight get-a-way was just what the doctor called for. Stress-relief for the mom, fresh salty ocean air for all, time to be away with Pops for the day that he is home this week.

I am thankful for... the ability TO get away with our family to the coast... just a quick 2.5 hr ride to bliss!

From the learning rooms... I am beginning to think about next year. I know, last week I was freaking out, this week I have that under control and I am looking toward next years' things... Branch's States studies was becoming overwhelming to her, so we put it on a slower schedule. She might not finish until well into next year - but better that then tears everyday! I have added other things to her curriculum. I have learned my lesson with Unit Studies... I PROMISE! I am wondering what programs are available online. I have heard that Explode the Code - a phonics program is available online and I just read that a religion program that we use, Faith & Life, is available online, too. We use both of those programs, so eliminating the paper trail might be a good thing?? Anyone use any online resources for their homeschooling program? Thoughts on this ... anyone? anyone??

From the kitchen... I am gonna have a num-eee-num piece of fresh fish tonight out of a kitchen at a nice restaurant. YUM. (Who have I become? I used to HATE fish. I like a fresh piece... I am learning!!)

I am creating... a clean place that is "show ready" all the time. Stress. stress. stress. It is nearly impossible to keep it tidy! I go to a different room and my tornados tear it up in their "fun"!!

I am going... to find ways to enjoy the process of relocation... even with all of the red tape that has to be dealt with that slows the process down.

I am reading... Yes, STILL working on What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcom Gladwell.

I am hoping... that all the kids get well SOON. Sore throats have plagued our home. Doctor visits have been taking our time. Antibiotics are coursing through bodies. Strep can take a hike!

I am hearing... the ocean and The Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theatre Production as Bud finishes the school work that he procrastinated and now has to miss out on beach fun while he finishes... bummer, eh?

Around the house... House will be listed this week... and some wonderful family is going to see it and fall in love with it the same way that we did... then there will be a second family who will do the same and there will be a bidding war and ... oh, I just caught myself falling asleep and having this most wonderful dream!

One of my favorite things... Have I mentioned that I love the coast? I do.

A few plans for the rest of the week... keeping head above water. Pops will be flying out Thursday morning and will be gone until Sunday afternoon. I hope to find some time to have fun in there sometime!

A picture thought I am sharing... on the coast today - looking off the balcony with my computer's little camera; my nice camera is still tucked away.


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  1. How nice! I'm so glad you were able to go on a little getaway!

    Praying that everyone is better soon, so we can get together before you MOVE! :-( We are ALL going to miss you guys. . .

    TT is using Explode the Code online and she loves it! I looked into Faith & Life online at the beginning of the year, and it looks great. I'm on the look out for online and/or computer programs too. Teaching Textbooks has been a lifesaver this year, but it would sure be nice to find a wonderful option for Spelling and Grammar.

    I totally agree with slowing down on the State Study. My boys are (very) slowly making their way through the states. They still love working on it, when they do, but I think if I required them to go at the same pace Branch has been going, I'd have tears here too!

    Enjoy the coast!!


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