Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Daybook, Entry #52

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011...

Outside my window... The sun is setting on another day. Who put the clocks in fast forward mode, anyway??? SLOW DOWN (just a little bit, anyway!)!!!

I am thinking... this is going to be a LONG month. Out of the last 24 days of January, Pops will be away for 18 of them. That's right... home with us for a whopping 6 days. I am kind of afraid to see what February's calendar looks like! Please pray for the extra patience needed for a mother acting as the "everything"!!

I am thankful for... children who are relatively well behaved and usually a pleasure to be with!

From the learning rooms... We started back up yesterday - full steam ahead! I am pondering only taking "off" Sundays for this month. It will keep us moving forward, it will give us a schedule to stick with while Pops is away, it will move us further along in our year (like I hoped we would already be!)... but, am I insane?!?! We did have some good "stuff" yesterday and if Bud will not object, later this week I will post some of his creative writing - he'll be my "guest poster"... crossing fingers!! You won't want to miss it. (I am counting on him wanting to share!!)

From the kitchen... I do not feel very inspired, here... I should have looked in my freezer before starting this post! Tonight, I'll prepare Brats, curley Q french fries, salad - the rest of the week is currently up in the air! YIKES...

I am creating... lesson plans

I am going... to really miss Pops this month. After having him around a lot the past few weeks, this is going to be a LOOONG month! He will be out of town every week, and even on weekends. Blech.

I am reading... What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcom Gladwell. Other things are just put aside for now. These are a collection of several short stories. I can feel like I accomplish something in reading this book! A little bit of time gets the whole story read!

I am hoping... to make time for me this week, or I might not have any hair left when Pops returns home in the late night hours on Friday!! I am also hoping to do some good sleep training with Bump and work on weaning!! (That might be a bit challenging without another adult around, though! Nursing is part of that whole bedtime routine thing!)

I am hearing... Branch and Bump playing quietly nearby. Bark is lickin' her chops as she sleeps under the coffee table... wonder what SHE is dreaming about!

Around the house... I think that I SHOULD use some more of those large yard waste bags around here. Kid stuff keeps appearing scattered about. New policy?? I find it, I toss it? Or is that too extreme... it doesn't FEEL extreme... the extreme is actually HOW. MUCH. JUNK STUFF. they really do have!

One of my favorite things... school is hard to get back into the swing of things, so I am thinking that my new favorite thing is trying to create a schedule. Sticking to it might NOT be my favorite, though.

A few plans for the rest of the week... school, school, school, storytime at the library tomorrow is about bears and hibernation - a great tie-in for a little girl working on Grizzly Bears as she studies a bit about Montana, a possible trip to the big town, survival

A picture thought I am sharing... I am pretty sure that Pops is hoping to be strung up by the girls when he gets home from Orlando. He informed us that just because he was going to be staying ON Disney property didn't mean that he would get to do anything FUN - or FUN in terms of what kids think. Then... he dared to email this to the house.


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