Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Daybook, Entry #53

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011...

Outside my window... Already, the sky is dark. Where did today GO!?!

I am thinking... that a move to ANYWHERE in the midwest is closer to any and all of our family than we are currently. I wish that they all would think in THOSE terms. We might end up in Alaska, Hawaii or even Singapore, next! Who knows... just keeping an open mind!

I am thankful for... a pretty mild winter - but, the fog at night can sure cause evening travel trouble

From the learning rooms... Unit studies can be quite challenging. Any home schoolers out there who are working on a unit study that the students aren't fully invested in? Do you wrap it up, go back to a traditional type learning system, plug on through pulling tooth and nail, slow the unit study down and work on it once a week while doing a worktext type school program the rest of the days? HELP HELP HELP!! I have been struggling with this nearly all year!

From the kitchen... It has been a low carb start to the year. I have been low-carbing for nearly 3 weeks, now. That makes menu planning a bit more challenging for me. Things I normally make: spaghetti, meatloaf, potatoes to go with, stirfry with sauce and rice/noodles, steaks on the grill with potatoes, hamburgers... these things aren't ALL low-carb! Some are very high carb (and also my favorites!). So, tonight we had a tasty elk roast with salad for me, peas and dinner rolls for the kids. Tomorrow?? OH, me, oh, my... just have to take to the freezer and work on cleaning it out!

I am creating... this blog post. That's all for now!

I am going... to keep my temper ALL WEEK LONG. I am going to step away and breathe deeply and count to ten instead of raising my voice.

I am reading... still working on What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcom Gladwell.

I am hoping... that our house sells for a favorable price... anyone need a beautifully built three bedroom home in southwest Oregon???

I am hearing... excessive noise from the children... I need an early bed time.

Around the house... Things are tidy today. Crossing my fingers that it "sticks" for more than two days!!

One of my favorite things... Knowing that my children can and like reading!!! Bud reads alllllllll the time. Branch reads a lot, now. Blossom has shown great promise in reading and can read well when she isn't telling herself that she can't do it... that dern ol' rotten self talk!

A few plans for the rest of the week... nothing too much... my head is spinning still from last week!

A picture thought I am sharing...


WAY back on Dec 6th, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day with a fun little "tea" that our little Blossom "hosted." She and I made giant german chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, which we decorated as a St. Nicholas, complete with a coconut furry beard! We had peppermint hot cocoa, too. After our little party, we packaged up a couple little St. Nicholas' and brought them down to our neighbors with a tea invitation, a Happy St. Nicholas Day card and a package of hot cocoa with peppermint candy canes! It was a little bit of A St. Nicholas tea for them... when they could enjoy it! What a fun time the kids (both small and BIG) had!

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