Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Year...

We had a bunch of big snowflakes at the end of December and of course, the kids loved playing in the little bit that we did get. I was so enamored by the SIZE of the flakes!



There was much fun to be had! Bud and Blossom came in fairly soon to eat some breakfast. Branch came in an hour or so later and plopped down next to me. "Was it fun?" I asked. She answered, "Well, sort of. It is more fun when they stay outside with me." "Oh, well, wasn't it any fun by yourself for the last hour or so?" I queried. "Well, it just isn't much fun playing a snowball fight by myself," she replied. "Oh, so, did you throw snowballs at the trees?" I asked trying to find out what she was up to all that time that was no fun! Branch looked dejected and responded, "No, I threw them at myself."


Oh, how does a mother act with empathy at the problem of their child having no fun without their siblings when all she wants to do is roll on the floor and laugh!?! Ok, so, I didn't really want to roll on the floor, but I did have a hard time holding my chuckling down!! Love that girl!!


Looks like EVERYONE had fun outside!!

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  1. Wish you all could have played in the snow with me this week in KS... All 10-12 inches of it! :)


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