Friday, January 14, 2011

A Peek in our Schoolroom: Bud's Bucephalus

I asked if I could write my horse's story as a poem instead of a short story. Mom seemed to think that it sounded like a fine idea for a third grader! So, I tried to make a poem that sounded like Bucephalus wrote it. And here it is!

The Day I Saw Alex Fall

by Bucephalus, The War Horse

He looked proud in saddle tall,
Yet I knew that he would fall...
For that horse was bound to trip
And at that, his reigns would rip!

Into the sky I saw him tumble,
When he hit ground I heard a rumble.
Then he realized I am the one.
Back to me he came and we WON!


  1. What a fine poem, Bud! I see all of that late night reading is sure paying off! I hope your mom lets you "guest post" again!

    Love, G-Aunt Lisa

  2. I'm very proud of you, Bud!!! That was an excellent poem. You could be an author as well as an "ologist"! Keep it up! Love you, G.

  3. Good job Bud! Gold star!:)

    Love, Aunt JoJo

  4. W-O-W. Excellent work, Bud!
    - POPS

  5. You are a poet just like your pops! Excellent job on your poem Bud. We can't wait to see your future writings! Miss you and wish we could give you a great BIG hug!!! You are growing up TOO FAST!:-)

    Love you!

  6. That is a great poem~! I know this because it is better than I can write, and I'm much older...

    I wouldn't have had a clue at this age who Bucephalus was.. I found out after I started homeschooling. I feel so smart now.. thanks! :)

  7. love the poem, hope he will be a regular weekly feature. Good Job!!!


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