Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over the Hump

Well, it has been quiet around here... well, at the blog anyway! I KNOW!!!!

It hasn't been quiet around here at the ACTUAL treehouse!! We hustled and hurried and tidied and sparkled and polished and, and and and and... all the things to get our house ready for that ONE special family!!! Anyway, as a fun thing to do after all our hard work, I took the kids to the new playplace at a local McDonald's they had fun playing, while I had fun chatting with a friend. As we left the play place, Bud says to me, "I don't think you are going to like this very much...". Oh, boy... What is he up to I wondered! He proceeded to tell me that one child he played with said he had lice and Bud saw a bug. OH, YUCK! We did some preventative treatment and hoped for the best. The following Monday, the bug hit. But, the bug was an unexpected stomach bug that Blossom tried to expel many times over, then poor Branch, and mama and Bump... Ewwwwww! Pops got a touch of it, but Bud stayed bug free! We got back to relative health and have been quite busy around the house. I am getting over a bout of mastitis (is this TMI? And one of those we fought disease all year kinds of Christmas letters?!?) which I had never experienced before... OUCH! Sigh...

So, what is happening, now?!

The big treekids are hanging around the treehouse with my folks, Geemah & Grampa, who arrived last week on Friday. We all visited the coast and some amazing trees in the Redwood Forest over the weekend! Now, they all are playing around at home while Bump, Pops and I are hop-scotching around the country on business and in hopes of making some decisions about our impending housing options.

If it seems that I am missing in action a lot lately... I AM! I will check in as often as I get a chance, but wrapping up living in Oregon and looking out to the central U.S. Is on my mind... And I am trying to rock out the school year... And whittle down some more of the estimated 8 tons (that is a real estimate from the moving people!) of JUNK that is taking up space around here... And I miss getting on my 'puter, playing with pictures to upload, telling stories about our life and hearing back from you all. It won't be long and all of this chaos will be calm - calm - calm! Until then, sporadic is my middle name!

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