Monday, February 24, 2014

Pals R Us

It must be so fun to be 10 years old when your mama has another baby born into the family. This 10 year old, Branch, has ALWAYS loved all things baby… real or pretend. She is a great helper and loves to play and smile and hold and rock and sway and snuggle this new little babe.
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I have to believe that God will give her many babies of her own one day (far far off in the future) to love and raise to be as sweet as herself. Of course, they will make that one frustrated and angry face for her just like she does for me about twice each month!!
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On the other side of the equation is the baby. He LOVES her, too. He is very generous with smiles and coos and giggles for her. Of course, that doesn't make it harder to love him!
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This is the first time I have had the "guts" to let her (or any of the kids for that matter!) change diapers. She wanted to change Blossom's diapers when she was just a baby herself. But, she was easily appeased with throwing away the wet ones! When Bump was just a little stinker, she wanted to change his diaper, but was ok with doing the smiles and entertaining and picking out his outfits. This time around, she tells me that she is big enough. I figured she could try (after he had a big ol' poo one day and I had already cleaned that up) a wet diaper change on the bed, which is lower than the changing pad. She did splendidly! So, when she offers to change wet pants… and I don't have to hurry us along, I am happy to have a "little" helper!
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How do they grow up so fast!?! Remember that one angry face she makes? Yea. I remember when she was 18 months old and making that same face at me! She makes some angry eyes that are almost, but not quite crossed and purses her lips really tightly. She's been making that same face… but it is now on this becoming all grown up girl! WHhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
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It is true that the days are LONG and the years are so short. I am not sure how that happens, exactly. But, I try to enjoy all the moments. I told Branch a few days ago, "Babies. Aren't they sweet and wonderful?" She grinned and said, "YES! Who wouldn't love them!?" True. But, some people don't. She just cannot grasp there being someone out there who wouldn't just be enamored with a baby! Maybe one day she'll be overly exhausted with a fussy baby and she might have a tiny glimpse! 
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My Branch has been concerned and asking me often if this little guy has a blog name yet. I haven't settled on anything yet. Do you have any ideas to call this sweet pumpkin? Here is a list of several ideas that I contemplated for Bump… And those of you who like Ohio for some reason… BUCKEYE is NOT a real option!!! :) 
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Lots of love here. Tingly Toes. That is all. (If you are thinking, now, that you'll comment and say Buckeye is great… don't. Really. Pick something else. I don't have time to clean up my computer… that baby needs more kisses and love than he's had yet today!)


  1. Aw come on - his Great Grandma lives in Ohio tooooo!

    Aunt Lisa

  2. You know, I just love how the older ones bond with these littler ones. It is so special and it lasts so long. When the siblings are old enough to real help care for the baby they have such a special bond, such a precious love. It just makes my heart melt!
    I would go with Burl. I like it. It sounds manly. :)

  3. I'm thinking Bamboo, Buttercup, Briar, Buckwheat, Bramble or Black-eyed pea. Hope you pick one of mine! Do I win something if you do? :-)

    Love you!
    Grandma D


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