Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow Day!!

Well, the weather isn't too bad for kids to go to school. But, the snow did cause some visibility difficulties and slick spots. We, however, don't worry about those things for our school!! But, the wind isn't whipping, the snow stopped falling, the snow is wet and packable… I declare it to be a snow day!! Go out and learn about how this wet snow is different than the dry stuff we have had dusted across our area often this winter. Go play and find out what the difference is. Go PLAY and LEARN!!! :) Snow days can be great learning days!!

I was learning from INSIDE the house. I learned that my kids are ingenious! No standard snowmen, here!

DSC_1097 photo file-4.jpg
A Chair and Ottoman for Branch

DSC_1090 photo file.jpg
Looks like a potential toilet, not sure what we have going on, there. The snow mound to the left of Bud is a snow sofa - turning into a bed. Pull-out sofa, anyone?? ;)

DSC_1092 photo file-1.jpg
So excited to be out playing!

DSC_1093 photo file-2.jpg
I don't remember where he was heading with that, but he was helping build all sorts of creations out there!

DSC_1094 photo file-3.jpg
Everyone busy, having fun with the snow. It will likely be gone later this afternoon. The forecast says we'll reach 45 today.  They set bowls out on the patio table to catch snow for snow ice cream… it is mostly water, now! Maybe I've learned that this wet snow is great for packing and the drier snow would have been better for snow ice cream!!

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