Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sometimes you just need a spot of tea!

It has been fun spending so much time snuggling and hugging on our new little babe. But at some point, the big treekids want some fun, too! OK - so, I think in looking over these pictures, I know why I don't do a tea very often!! This was a LOT of work. FUN. But, a lot of work. I spent all morning baking, nursing the baby, baking, and showering. Then, we ate some lunch, cooked a bit, finished it up and was ready for tea time around 3 PM right as Pops was arriving home from his latest trip. Branch and Blossom set the table (Can you say an iron would be nice for the table cloth!?!! But, then we wouldn't have gotten to tea time at all!)

The table was set with all sorts of treats and finery.
DSC_1029 photo file-13.jpg

Wanna guess whose teacup and teabag rest was used by whom? Only Pops' was chosen for him. Everyone else chose their own teacup set out of the cupboard. I'll post who used which set later on. So, chime in!!
DSC_1008 photo file-1.jpg

DSC_1011 photo file-3.jpg

DSC_1016 photo file-5.jpg

DSC_1017 photo file-6.jpg

DSC_1012 photo file-4.jpg

DSC_1007 photo file.jpg

I felt a wee bit guilty about all the sweets, so I made some fancied up cucumber and carrot treats! The girls thought they looked lovely and sort of sushi-ish! Whatever - there were none left over! Mama scores!!
DSC_1010 photo file-2.jpg

A family favorite - Scones and Lemon Curd!! Oh, my! Have you ever had any lemon curd? The recipe I use tastes like lemon meringue pie filling. DE-LISH! (I just put some more of the blue spot remover stuff in the dishwasher - sorry about that spottiness on the flatware! {Shaking head - wishing the spoon would have not been in the jar.} Next go 'round it should be better.)
DSC_1018 photo file-7.jpg

Super Secret Yummy Brownie Recipe cut into circles to be able to sit in these little paper cupcake liners and on my springy cupcake tree? Yum. You can't eat just one. I love brownies. Branch and Bump helped to make them but Bump was in on the tasting before the eggs were added. He said, "This tastes like chocolate and SUGAR!! Yum. I love Brownies!!" FOUR. I love four - even more than brownies!
DSC_1024 photo file-10.jpg

A few chocolate dipped strawberries. I figured they would be pretty and exciting… I NEVER expected them to actually be all that tasty! Strawberries in February? These little beauties were red all the way through. They had better flavor than many strawberries we eat in the summer!
DSC_1026 photo file-11.jpg

AND tea. Many flavor options. Peppermint, Chamomile, Vanilla Chai, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon, Licorice Spice… yum TEA with cream and sugar! 
DSC_1027 photo file-12.jpg

And this beautiful Polish teapot from my mom when my folks were living in Poland!! Isn't it so pretty?!?!
DSC_1050 photo file-28.jpg

Dressed in their best… Cowboy Bump lost his tie along the wait, Blossom was being, uh, fancy, Branch did up some make-up for herself and her sister (there will be lessons soon…), and Bud dressed in a suit and forgot to shave, I see.
DSC_1030 photo file-14.jpg

Since it has been a while, I took several close-ups of all my treekids…
DSC_1033 photo file-15.jpg
Bump - 4

DSC_1045 photo file-23.jpg
Trying to give me a wink!

DSC_1034 photo file-16.jpg
Blossom - 8

DSC_1048 photo file-25.jpg
Posing  - this is how a fancy person would use a tea cup!

DSC_1035 photo file-17.jpg
Branch - 10

DSC_1047 photo file-24.jpg
Pinky must be up and carry the plate so as not to drip or dribble on the floor as I pretend with nothing in this cup!!
And, then there was this handsome mysterious man...
DSC_1036 photo file-18.jpg
Bud - 12

DSC_1049 photo file-26.jpg
Puberty has brought the hair in nicely on his upper lip, no?

DSC_1037 photo file-19.jpg
OK, OK… Some temporary tattoos were given to him for St. Valentine's Day!

DSC_1041 photo file-21.jpg
Pinky up the girls tell him.

DSC_1042 photo file-22.jpg
It feels weird to use manners and pose for the camera for more than one picture with the group.  But, it made mama so happy to get several pictures of this most elusive character!!

DSC_1040 photo file-20.jpg
OH, my! Can't make mama happy for that long, now can we!?
We had lots and lots of fun talking and giggling. We enjoyed our treats, practiced some very nice manners and enjoyed the company of Pops. 

I hope to be blogging more regularly again soon. I read a great little post from a gal who has many children… it resonated so well for me! She talked about how sometimes it is easy to fit all of the social media into life and other times you just have to focus on life and put social media on the back burner until you are back on track. I relate well to that. I need to have a name for that so I can post a picture or something when life gets too busy and then get back at it when I can. I love having a blog and posting things here to remember later. I love reading comments and making "cyber friends." But, there are times I just cannot keep up with everything and social media is what has to go sometimes. 


  1. Ok - here is my guess - Bud (C); Blossom (B); Branch (D); Bump (E); Pops (F) and Mom (A)! Looks like you have a lovely day!!! Wish I was close enough to have joined! Would love to hear how those dogs are doing!! :o)

    Aunt Lisa

  2. You are BAAACCKK! Yea! What a delightful tea party! Loved all the photos of the tree-kids all "gussied up", too! What a FUN Mom you are! Your kiddos will have so many wonderful memories of their childhood! My guesses: A-Elm, B-Bud, C-Bump, D-Blossom, E-Pops, F-Branch. :)
    Love, Aunt S.

  3. I am with you on the social media! I miss the days of blogging only, before it became so... Hmmm, I don't know. Boy I sound like an old fuddy duddy.

    The tea party looks awesome! I love that the last picture of Bud was the one in my reader. So funny! I sure miss you guys!

  4. Oh and sorry, I'm evil, but I nominated you for an award over at the blog... tee hee


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