Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Like Licorice

We joined one of our homeschool groups for a field trip not too long ago and went to visit and have a tour of a small business in Lincoln, NE.

DSC_0980 photo file-7.jpg
Licorice International where they sell various forms of licorice from 14 different countries!

DSC_0985 photo file-16.jpg
The packing, shipping and receiving area. Sitting and listening and then asking lots of questions
DSC_0984 photo file-10.jpg
We visited the day before St. Valentine's Day and I considered purchasing these pretty little treats and then wondered how many fans of Husker Sports buy these!

DSC_0983 photo file-14.jpg
We had the opportunity to sample these. I had a brown one that was supposed to taste like root beer. Hmmm - might have tasted like root beer. I am not sure that I liked it and from the looks on my kids' faces they would have rather had… something else!
DSC_0982 photo file-8.jpg
These were liked by several of us. SO, I bought a little bag of these as well as the best selling red licorice and the best selling black licorice. I was surprised that Bump liked black licorice, but that is also his preferred cup of tea!!

It was fun to go meet up with some other people for the morning. It looks like the group schedules an outing once a month. We hope to go often!!


  1. I'm not big on licorice but that looks like it was a blast!

  2. I don't care for licorice either, but the tour looks like it would have been interesting.
    Aunt S.


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