Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So, Sew a Little

Branch has been learning to sew a little by trial and error and a little with help and some instruction.

Geemah and PopPop were here earlier in February and Geemah spent some good quality time with Branch working on using a pattern to create a nightgown. They worked at it for a day and Branch learned quite a bit about reading a pattern and cutting and sewing. In the end… she turned out a lovely nightgown that she wears more often than she wears any other pajamas, now!!!

DSC_1127 photo file-17.jpg
I think she must have had fun and is proud of herself!

DSC_1128 photo file-18.jpg
I am proud of her, too!!


  1. I don't blame her for wanting to wear it often; it not only turned out cute, but looks so soft, warm, & cozy, too! GOOD JOB Branch! The extraordinary sewing talents of Geemah have definitely been passed down to daughter & now grand-daughter!
    Aunt S.


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