Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy Beauty

Yes, I am still here. I didn't know that I was going on "vacation" for a week either! Wasn't that fun? Yea, me neither. Somehow we had one of those weeks where we were so busy... doing not too much! Pops has been in Georgia all week long and we miss him A LOT. He comes home tonight and we can't wait! I wish I had better stuff to "report"! We did have a fun time at a park with friends, we have visited the library, went to Ash Wednesday Mass, ate some Sonic deliciousness, cleaned and tidied (and created disaster when I was in a separate room), enjoyed several lovely days outside - one over 72 degrees and sunshiny, watched the weather turn icky with huge wind gusts the day before... a whole lot of nothing outstanding this week! But, a good week just the same!

My Blossom sat and read a lovely Fancy Nancy at the Museum book to me - that was fun, as it was complete with multiple voices!! It got me thinking about her becoming all grown up - her birthday is coming up rather quickly! So, I went hunting for these photos from this past summer where the girls got all dressed up and I indulged the make-up requests. They both looked so grown up! But, as I look at this particular image, I can't help but think that she looks an awful lot like Princess Diana...
I think it is just in the pretty little doe eyes, anyone agree??


  1. She's prettier than Princess Di.
    - POPS

  2. I agree with Pops!:) What fun they must have had getting all dolled up! They both look "simply mahvelous darling"! Especially like those bright red manicures & the pearls!
    Enjoy your reunion with Pops this weekend.
    Aunt S.


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