Thursday, February 9, 2012

Itty Bitty

So, yes, we have a new itty bitty puppy in our family! Pops and I got Branch this adorable little teacup chihuahua. She has been asking for a little dog for over a year now and has worked at showing responsibility all this past year (really, since she was 18 months old and loaded her own dishes in the dishwasher, but... MORE responsibility this year!). Last month, she did some small dog research at the library and made a powerpoint presentation showing what she had learned and how she would care for a chihuahua when we got it for her! (Nice assumptive close, eh? She gets some AWESOME selling skills from her dad!)

So, after some careful consideration and a little prodding from a veterinary colleague who raises and sells teacup chihuahuas about a half hour from where we now live... we she has a little fluff ball!
This little lady is sooooo sweet. Tiny is for sure!Photobucket
I have a small collection of teacups - I like all different kinds and like the assortment. Anyway, I got out a nice teacup that had a flat wide base for her water bowl and a teabag rest for her food. (She is supposed to eat 3/8 of a cup of these tiny kibbles in a day - spread out over 3 or 4 feedings - so, basically a tablespoon of food at a time!)

Strangely, that situation didn't work out. The teacup was too big and the teabag rest was the right sized for the food, but we soak the kibble since she has a little bit of a problem breaking up the hard crunchy kibbles. That makes the kibbles grow and puff and then she licks them right out of the dish. So, I remembered this old child's teacup that I received as a gift from an old friend. The cup is just the right size and the saucer for the cup works great for her soaked kibble. All the big kids had gone to bed, but Bump was still up and loves the puppy and sure wanted her to drink her water - there was some left!! He insisted that she wanted it... I don't think so!!
She is very timid and is a little frightened about walking on the slick hard floors. She is getting more and more brave - curiosity is beginning to peak! She weighs about 2 pounds and at 5 months old tomorrow (her birthday is 9-10-11!!!) she is nearly at her full size! HOLY COW!!
She is what they call a long-haired teacup chihuahua. The fur is soft and a little fluffy, but really only "long" around her ears - more wispy elsewhere! She is white with gold spots and a lovely pink nose. Not really anything like the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" dog!! I added bells to her collar like a cat since I am worried about stepping on her... Branch thought it was a terrific idea!
Bump loves to hold her, pet her and search for her when she is "hiding"!! She has had several names so far... Minnie, Melrose, Misty, Miette, Mia and currently it is Mini. She arrived on Tuesday and here it is Thursday and we are basically back to the beginning. I have not taken Branch to get a little dog tag for her collar since I am not certain that the name will stick yet!! We'll see!!


  1. What a cute little dog!! What does your old dog think??

  2. Our old blind dog loves to sniff and rub noses with this little puppy. They "find" each other and both wag their tails furiously at each other. In fact, the first time that this puppy relaxed enough to pull her tail out from between her back legs and give it a wag was when 'Bark' walked in the room and they sniffed noses. TOO CUTE! Anyway, they get along well enough - but we have to be pretty careful since being bigger AND blind and therefore a bit of a baffoon raises a few problems with the itty bitty who slips and slides when she tries to take off and get out of the way!! Anyway, they seem friendly toward each other!

  3. Just ADORABLE!! Bet Branch is over- the-moon thrilled! And it appears Bump is just a little enamored too! The bells were a good idea, as I can see how easy she would be to step on being so tiny. Sounds like your old dog & your new dog will be good company for each other. :o)
    Aunt S.


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