Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes - (volume 9)

--- 1 ---

OK, first up - here's the deal. We are potty training. It is going ok. BUT, Bump is not like any other that I have known!! I have tried to take him to the potty every 15-20 minutes and help him and bribe with rewards. It only frustrates my little Bump. He says, "No, mawmaw. Potty all gone. No more." I ask again and get an "All gone, mawmaw. No go potty." So, that isn't working.

He is wearing his big boy underpants. He knows when he has to go and goes to the potty chair. He sits right down with his underoos still up around his own little bum. He goes. He is excited and claps for himself. He comes running for me and says, "I went potty mawmaw!" His pants are all wet, so I wonder where I will have to clean up... NOPE! Only change his underpants - the potty chair has plenty in it! He EVEN made some well... "other stuff" on the potty chair, but in his underpants.

I have helped him get them down. His siblings have tried to help get the underpants pulled down. We have all taken many a turn showing him how WE pull our pants down before we sit down. It isn't seeming to help. I am excited that he is getting to the right place - but am a little tired of the wet pants that we keep changing! ANY ideas??? PLEASE HELP!!!

--- 2 ---

We have a serious bout of some kind of yuck going on in our house again. We did this head congestion, stuffy nose, sore throat thing back at the beginning of January. Now, its baaaa-aaack. Not thrilled.

Drinking water. Trying to get rest. Anyone have a "magic pill"!??

--- 3 ---

I have been busy around the house this week. That means that MAYBE next week you will get some interior photos of this house! More boxes have disappeared. More things are on the walls. More stuff is in an organized fashion. I am loving that!

--- 4 ---

I have the sewing "itch." Pops is out of town right now, but will be coming home tonight. I hope that he will afford me some time with the ol' sewing machine without child-like interruptions! I soooo wanna sew something! Got any ideas for something quick and cute??

--- 5 ---

I am wanting a new pair of slippers. I want them to be soft and cozy. I need them to have a hard sole to walk outside. I want them to slip on and off quickly and easily. Any good ones out there that you know of?

--- 6 ---

I am feeling quite guilty. This is the first year in ... 10 years? That we have not sent out our Moravec Family Glossary at Christmas time. We didn't even send out generic Christmas cards. Sheesh. Pops and I wrote most of our letter on our flight to Vegas and the NFR. I can't find the paper that I used. When I do... Do you want to see it here??? It is a bit late to send a Christmas letter, don't you think??

--- 7 ---

I keep looking through old pictures and can't resist sharing! So, here we go - focus on a little magic and go back to look at some magic from the past!

Just spending a little time remembering this trip to Bandon, Oregon one year and one month ago. We stayed in a lovely resort cabin and took a drive down to the beach before the sun was totally gone. Bud wanted to dig a "huge hole" so, he spent the whole hour or so digging. It was the first time that we had taken Bump to the coast where he could walk on the squishy sand. He was not too sure of it all at first! I miss the ocean (well the sounds and smells of the coast, and most definitely those friends who live nearby the ocean! Hugs to you all out there in Oregon!)

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  1. 1. Have Bud teach him to stand and potty...I know you think that might be a problem but it worked for our boys. Something new...not the same old thing.
    2. No pill, just plenty of fluids and a good bowl of chicken noodle soup with plenty of onion and garlic.
    3. Can't wait to see your place in person!!
    4. Since you have a pool on the property, wouldn't swim suit cover-ups be a good idea to sew?
    5. Dearfoams slippers! I swear by them and they are washable!
    6. Yes, we would love to read your Christmas letter here. Always look forward to them!
    Waiting for the snow. Wish you were all here.
    Love, Grandma

  2. 1. Let him run around in the buff at home - no underwear to get in the way.

    Aunt Lisa

  3. Using the same format as "Grandma" used above; hope she doesn't mind!:)
    1-Good luck with Bump's potty training. Sounds like he mostly understands what he is supposed to do. Good ideas posted above!
    2-Hope you are all feeling better, especially Mama! It is hard enough having sick children to care for without feeling poorly yourself!
    3-Looking forward to seeing interior photos of your new home!
    4-I know whatever you decide on will be exceptionally creative & cute!
    5-L.L. Beans makes some good ones.
    6-Would love to see your clever Family Glossary any ole time! Was disappointed when one did not arrive this year!:(
    7-Whatever photos you post, I enjoy seeing! :)
    Aunt S.

  4. Jeremy potty trained our boys. Lucky me. And Isaiah would never sit to potty. He had to stand like Noah and Isaiah. Good luck! (I loathe potty training.)


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