Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Secret Code

Bud has been quite interested in Secret Codes lately. Mostly he wants to write either in a code or with invisible ink - like lemon juice or milk. Anyway... it must be rubbing off on Pops!

This is the wood burning stove in our living room. When it is cold out, we burn and burn and burn, baby, burn. There is a blower on the stove so it kicks quite a bit of heat out into the room and we work at trying to get it circulated throughout the house. Our bedroom is the farthest away and can get quite chilly, but we have a handy dandy heated mattress pad on our bed, so no worries. But, I digress... As you can see, this stove is rather dirty and the doors need a good cleaning. Pops cleaned them to a sparkly shine a few weeks ago, but they are glass and need another good cleaning. (I am not sure why one door has a grape vine theme and the other a wolf/mountain theme - but, that is what it is...)
I sat down on our sofa to enjoy the fire Pops built. It was nice. But, I couldn't see the flames flicking around through the soot. So, I asked him if he wouldn't mind wiping the glass down before it got really hot and it would be impossible. I wanted to see the flames licking around. He kind of grinned like he might, but it might also be possible that I would experience a "surprise."
Pretty! It totally impressed all the treekids. I was loving the sentiment. I am not a big huge fan of this looooooooove holiday, but I like these little touches on St. Valentine's Day night or any night for that matter!!

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