Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes - (volume 10)

--- 1 ---

First order of business: Potty Training. I went for the bare bum option (I don't like cleaning up the poops that would still be found in pants if I was teaching, via Bud, the stand up and pee method!) suggested last week. Bump is super successful with a t-shirt and no pants/underpants on. He will make it in the pot every time - without fail. Now, this naked bottom business, as Branch says, is a little bit awkward. SO - if you have any suggestions on going back into the underpants and continuing success... please do share! If that bum is covered with a pair of underpants, jeans, a pull-up and pants when we return from an outing or a diaper and jammies when he first awakes in the morning... he will sit on the pot with no adjustments to making his bottom bare before sitting and making any kind of deposit! Any thoughts, here??

--- 2 ---

I did not think that I would like this little chihuahua. I didn't want to like it. I thought it wouldn't be "my kind of thing" as I like a big ol hunk of a dog. Something powerful. Something that makes a statement that says, "I am a DOG." You know?? Well, aw shucks. That little stinker of a pup has won over my heart. Bud didn't want to like a prissy dog - and he is hooked. Blossom didn't want to like another dog... she wants a kitten - but, she likes this puppy! I had no doubt that Branch and Bump would like the puppy. Pops wasn't gonna like it either. I think that he likes this little uber-manly (tee hee hee) dog!

--- 3 ---

Sorry about no interior photos... just too busy with potty training a boy and a dog!

--- 4 ---

Not that I want this post to end up being an all dog post, but have you SEEN the crazy things that are available to dress your dog in? I am not kidding you when I say that at PetCo there were sun dresses, cheerleader outfits, princess get up and the like for all sizes of dogs. UNREAL. And, apparently people do spend on these things! I was looking for a collar that would be tiny and ended up talking to a lady who has a teeny yorkie. She said she didn't buy the funny little dresses for her dog, but when the weather is colder a little sweater is very good for these tiny breeds. So, then she told me: "Don't buy one of these $20 sweaters for the little thing, though. My breeder gave me the best idea and it really worked. Take a sock out of the sock drawer, cut the tip of the toe off and then figure out where the little front legs would go through and cut slits for them. Don't worry about holes for the back legs, that isn't necessary. Scrunch the sock up around the body of the pup and that will work great for a warm sweater for taking her outside!" Well, goodness gracious - she was right! A PAIR of $3 socks makes for two sweaters at $1.50 each! Score!!! I plan to do a little sewing and add some little pretty to a sock to surprise this new puppy owner!! I think that she would enjoy the fun of that - and I like it at the lower price!!

--- 5 ---

I am going back to a homeschool planning system that I developed for the kids when we were doing K and 1st grade in Oregon. It was overwhelming to me at that time, but with them all being older and able to help in the planning/scheduling and allowing them to take more ownership in their education. I am super excited to "re-think" of this idea!!!

--- 6 ---

Hot Tubs. Do you have one? Do you use it? Do you like it, love it, want some more of it? What temperature do you like it set at? What kind is yours? What do you use to care for it? We seem to head out to our hot tub, here, about 5 nights each week. We put the kids to bed, get a few things done inside, turn the baby monitor on and head out to soak away for a while. While we are living here at this rental we are taking full advantage of its use! I ask all those what kind is yours, etc... questions because I think that when we buy our own house I am thinking that I want to have one of these beauties for there, too!!

--- 7 ---

This "7 Quick Takes" was anything but quick! I have been working on these 7 little bits about this past week for, well... ALL DAY! Interruptions all day it seems!

If you've enjoyed these 7 Quick Takes, maybe you'd enjoy more here!!

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  1. my sister-in-law has three chihuahuas and it's really scary how many "outfits" she has for them.

    i also tend to work on my "quick takes" over a couple days. it serves as a post to purge my brain.


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