Friday, August 12, 2011


We took the treekids to the bar. Yes. We DID. You can reread that if you want.

We took 'em to the bar in Okarche, OK and let them have what they wanted.
It happens to be the oldest bar going strong in the state of Oklahoma - established in 1896. For suppertime, they serve chicken.
Their menu, pasted and epoxied to the table with a myriad of advertisements, is simple. Consisting of Fried Chicken, nachos and chili plus cans of soda with a styrofoam cup filled with ice. (I suppose they also serve beer...) Bump, Pops and I ordered the fried chicken, which came with a stack of white sandwich bread slices cut in triangles and a dish of dill pickles, raw onion strips and bread and butter pickles. Our "plates" were large squares of waxed paper.
It was a big dilemma choosing from the menu, but Bud decided to eat a bowl of chili (on one of the hottest days of the year. More on that some other time!).
Branch ordered a plate of corn chips covered in chili and cheese (also known as a frito pie).
Blossom ordered a nacho. It was HUGE and came with a great big dish of pickled jalape├▒os! Yes, the treekids are a little crazy not ordering chicken at the chicken place, but I think not quite as crazy as some chicken eaters...

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  1. ANOTHER good chicken place?? Was it as good? Love, G.


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