Monday, August 22, 2011

10,000 +++ Points

Well, the photos were from our trip to St. Louis - back when my blogging was spotty at best!

Here, Bump is checking out the view from 630 FT in the air!
What was his view? A bloated Mississippi River. Hard to believe, now. We have been in these dry and drought stricken areas in Kansas and Oklahoma and can hardly believe how much water is just barely out of reach for these dry areas...
THE obligatory kid pose for mom. Can you tell who would rather be looking out the window instead of at my camera?? Yea, no points for that one. It was too easy!
And... yes, GO CARDS, Chad!!! I did get the view on that side, too!
Look at those teeny tiny windows up there... hard to believe they are actually the size of about 4 of Bump's head!!
A good guess by both Jessica and Kim... we are in Oklahoma right now. We visit many museums... and Friday, while you were guessing, we WERE at the Science Museum in OKC - AND, I totally understand where that guess came from! I'll post our pic by the outside of that museum soon.
JR was being very very tricky with his digital sleuthing... I figured that people might have known about the little cars/elevator/ferris wheel ride that you must go in to get to the top, and the shiny metal exterior, BUT I didn't really know that there was a whole Museum of Westward Expansion underground! WOW - Wow - wow!! What a treat for our little trip!

The 10,000 points go to CHAD!
A 1,000,000 point consolation prize goes to J.R. for being too computer savvy for his own good.
Jessica and Kim - not many entries... I will send a ~little~ something your way too! Thanks for playing along!!!

Everyone email me [afamilytreehouse {at} me {dot} com] your shipping address. Expect something to arrive after a little while - we are packing up and heading out tomorrow morning and will be galavanting around Kansas a bit!!

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