Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HOT off the Press List

  1. HOT HOT HOT!! We're talkin' roasting away in our tin wagon!! (Although, Pops corrects me and tells me we are living in an aluminum wagon. There is no tin involved.)
  2. We spent last week outside of Salina, KS. One day the temperature registered 113 degrees. It was a record high for the area... and it was the hottest temperature in the nation that day. NICE. We were so smart that we drove an hour north (it is cooler north, right? BAH!) to sit outdoors at a rodeo at a county fair. While it was fun... it made me long for the days of humidity-free weather in Oregon!!
  3. While at the RV park in Kansas, the WiFi was less than usable... I could connect to their router, but not to the internet. Sigh - it was one of the "requirements" for choosing an RV park for us. Grrrr...
  4. We have made it back to Oklahoma where we were lucky enough to experience 116 degrees! Yippeeee Skipppy! Now, this weather is just not bearable. (But the RV Park DOES have great WiFi!!)
  5. Pops made an appointment with the RV Service folks and had another air conditioning unit installed. It should help a lot. I am crossing my fingers, anyway!
  6. Sadly, I have misplaced my card reader for my cameras. I think that it is possible that I have the cord that connects the camera, but I have been hunting for my card reader and it is MIA. SO - the photos I have are currently "stuck" in my memory card.
  7. We are wrapping up our 2010/2011 school year and I am rethinking ALL of this next year. With our opportunities to explore our area as we travel, I think that we need to do schooling "basics" and fill in with all the neat museums and other things near by. SO, don't be surprised if I join up with Jessica's Online Curriculum Sale Blog Hop tonight or tomorrow!!

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