Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SILLY for sure!!

Blossom is doing a GREAT job with reading. She needs lots of encouragement and FUN to make it a happy experience. Today she read Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers, Lesson 85 out of 128 lessons. It is working on the sound that "a" makes in words like 'ma' and 'car.'

She read the following list:
  • art
  • cart
  • dart
  • mart
  • part
  • tart
  • start
  • chart
  • quart ("breaks the rules")
  • smart
After she finished the list I nonchalantly asked her if there were any other words that she could think of that would fit with this list of rhyming words. She looked at me kind of terrified (wouldn't that be horrible to have to think up MORE words to read?!?!) look and said tentatively, "uh, nooo?"

I said, "Well, let's start at the beginning and se if we can find any, ok!?"

We started with "a," which was already used for the first word, art. Then we tried "b" - and I told her that Bart is a name. She wrinkled her nose and thought that wasn't a very handsome sounding name. "C and D?" Well, we already had those in the list. "E?" I asked. She tried to see and sounded it out... eart? short e, long e, with an a, without an a. I guess no eart. So, I suggest "f." She says, "Fffffffff" looks at me, says, "aaaaaarrrrrrttttt." She looks back at the page and says "ffffff" -- "aaarrrtt." "FART!!!!!"

Oh, you have NEVER heard the shrieks and squeals of a silly six year old girl who is over the moon silly with any and all bathroom words. Crazy girl!


  1. One of the benefits of reading is being able to sound out the naughty potty words!

  2. SMILE! This gave me my first chuckle of the day! :-)
    Aunt S.


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