Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ah, yes...

We are still "around." And by that, I DO mean a.round! All over!! Since I last checked in, we stopped over in the Kansas City, KS area, the Wichita, KS area and now are holed up in the Stillwater, OK area.

I had grand plans to download from camera and upload photos to internet yesterday. Instead, I cleaned house. I ran the laundry. I watched the skies and prayed for calm weather. I folded clothes. Kids put them away. I did not make time for photos and we headed to town after pulling in our slide outs (hopeful for no big winds or hail, but cautious anyway). We stopped at a local bank to open an account and were told that their shelter in the storm is the safe deposit box room! Off to a lovely Italian eatery where kids eat FREE on Mondays (woooo hooo! Our nice sit down dinner with a waitress serving us cost less than a trip to McDonalds - even with a near 20% tip on the cost of the meal if we HAD paid for kids' meals!! I vote for every Monday at Joseppi's!) and we could watch the lightening through large windows. After our lovely meal, we ran a couple errands, checked the weather radar on smart phones and hopped into the truck and headed north to avoid any possible hail!!

Pops tried his best to make me feel guilty for leaving the dog "for dead" in the trailer. I figure... he succeeded only enough to make me wonder what to do with her today when I plan to head to town with the kids when the weather is supposed to get a bit dicier. What do you think... safer for the dog to weather the storm in a travel trailer or a pick up truck in a parking lot?? I don't imagine she would be invited into the local walk in cooler at the quick mart, or the restroom at the Walmarts. Hmmm... poor ol' dog wouldn't know what hit her, couldn't see it coming and I doubt she'd know what to do other than bark at the noise disturbing her peace.

We got home late last night and tucked tired kids and parents into bed. Today I hope to get some photos down and up to share our latest adventures! Cross your fingers and pray for calm!!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I don't know how you do it... The weather back there would have me a NERVOUS WRECK!! We are praying for your safety!!

    We miss you guys! I've been wondering how you've been and was glad to see this post pop up! :)

  2. Praying for safety for you all.
    Be careful out there.
    Aunt S.


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