Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Have we talked about the personality traits of the treekids? Just in case we haven't I will acquaint you with some of the character traits that make up my princess. OH, MY! I already started!
  1. Princess
  2. Diva Wanna-Be (of this definition: a glamorous woman)
  3. Fashionista
  4. Dramatic
  5. Helpful
  6. Impulsive
  7. Short-tempered
  8. Impatient
  9. Knows What She Wants (and WHEN)
  10. Picky
  11. Stubborn
  12. Silly
  13. Fun
  14. Sweet
all of these, among others...

At the festival on Sunday, a few of these traits came to the surface and in FULL Force!

Knows what she wants:
Blossom wanted to ride the ponies with Branch. NOT FUN without her. Didn't matter that Bump was riding... he had an adult. She wanted someone else to ride with her without an adult. Blossom wanted someone to be like HER. It also has come to my attention that she wanted to ride a different horse! Sheesh. (As an aside: Blossom's current knows what she wants "thing" is to only wear bare feet or microfiber tights. NO SOCKS. Socks are the devil. If the day/outing requires closed toe shoes, there is a melt down. Then, she decides on a pair of tights and sweats it out ALL day in those tights just so that she doesn't have to mess with the devil of a pair of socks. Yes, we have tried many many many kinds of socks and they are ALL horrible. Drama - which leads me to...)

Pulling out all the stops. Tears and all when she is wanting her way! Of course, she WAS a wee- little bit frightened. This was her first pony ride, after all! The ponies were just about to start walking when she was beginning to think that she ought to just get off and get outta there! Thankfully, the gal in charge got the show going right away and my little drama princess had no escape route!

Turns out the ponies got to going around the post and she wasn't so scared. She watched and saw that they could only go in circles and they were not going all that fast. In fact, it really was quite similar to a carousel ride! But, her impulsive (and often impatient) nature could not allow her to be still, and just wait to enjoy the fun. I saw that she really wanted to get off and was thrilled that she wasn't able to bail this time!

My little Blossom was enjoying the ride after telling me how much she was going to hate it. But, she didn't want me to know that she was loving it! So, she was trying her hardest to avoid making eye contact with me. She did not want me to KNOW the reality of her her newfound pleasure! I caught glimpses of the joy when she didn't see me, though!!

Half way through her ride, she was giggling but still trying to keep her straight face. It got to be quite silly! But, what made it so much more silly is that later in the day she continued to beg to go for another ride and tell me how much she absolutely loved the pony ride. She was asking to go again when the lines were 20 minutes long instead of 3 minutes of waiting. No thanks! Waiting 20 minutes when there were SOO many more things to do... sorry Charlie! We only did the pony rides once. Maybe some other time we'll see some ponies to ride!

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