Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we go!

We are out at Pops' family farm doing some school work, helping with cattle chores, picking eggs from the hen house, taking turns riding the tractor, trying our darndest to stay out of the way as the real work of the farm must go on as the weather is getting better for planting LATE!

Branch had a lovely weekend here enjoying her special day receiving her first communion. Today, she told me... "Mom, I just can't believe that my first communion was yesterday. It was such a nice day. I felt so special." She still is alllllll curly and is not ready to "wash that curl right outta your hair"... raise your hand if you were singing along! I KNOW someone was!

Tap tap tap. Anyone out there?? I am certain you had that little old commercial singing along in your head with me. You can admit it!!

We'll see what happens as far as blogging goes this week... don't hope for a lot, but be surprised and pleased if I pop in!! Otherwise, look for some updates and pictures next week! Off to chase someone out of Grandma's pretties!!

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  1. Have fun with your family and hope she won't have to wash out those curls too soon!!


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