Friday, May 27, 2011

Dancin' the Night Away

When we were back in Nebraska (on Mother's Day, actually!), we followed Pops' dad to the ballroom where he played his tuba for a polka festival! Fun was had by all!

Bud and Blossom preferred slipping and sliding in the shoe slick by the great big fan...
Grandma and Branch enjoy each other's company swirling around the floor... (Branch was quite a successful little dancer at the polka. She hopes to learn the waltz, next!)
Grandpa plays his tuba with his bandmates...
Pops and Bump sit near the band for a spell...
Until Bump passes out and Pops can just enjoy watching the swirling and listen to the music...
It was a fun evening! We are off to a polka dance tonight... Grandpa has hit the road with the band in a big polka bus. We are only slightly concerned. He is very attached to his cows and farmland so, he won't be gone long! I hope to have some better pictures of all the fun in Oklahoma Style Czech Polka Dance Fun!!

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