Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Save Your Lives, Cowkids!!

Oreo the Texas Longhorn Steer was at the Children's Cowboy Festival on Sunday. He was saddled up and ready to ride. Since Bump ended up enjoying the pony ride, we thought he might like a try out a saddled steer. He loves cattle, after all!
We were most definitely wrong! That warms my heart a bit to know that he knows it is "WRONG" to get on a steer with a horse saddle. Thank you!!

Bud and Branch were a bit bummed about not being able to ride the ponies, so they wanted to give steer riding a try!
Bud is ready for his 8 second ride... in a non-bucking bull saddle! Whew!!

Branch hopped up in the saddle and gave the ol' "yee haw - I'm throwing this loop and I'm gonna catch me a ... camera wielding mom" look!!
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Yee HAW, Girl!!

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  1. Elm, you & Pops give your treekids the opportunities to experience such memorable & fun activities! Sure enjoying all your updates & pictures!
    Aunt S.


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