Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alooooooone with JUST You.

That is what all of the treekids want. Time to be alone with me OR time to be alone with Pops. Not having to share the attentions of the parents seems to be high excitement (and why not with being together all. the. time!).

So, Little Miss Blossom was definitely due for some time with me as she feels left out a lot (although from the looks of this blog lately, she has had a lot of attention!). She needed a new pair of jeans so, I decided our "date" would be to go in town and shop. Hmmmm... that is NOT her idea of fun!

First we stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour 1/2 price drinks from 2-4pm. I figured she'd want a strawberry slush, but I told her she could order any kind of MEDIUM sized soft drink. She picked a Coke. Our kids are not usually given an option of choosing a beverage that is caffeine laden let alone a "MEDIUM." SO, the option of having a Coke -and a BIG one at that- was too much to resist! I offered flavor shots like cherry, vanilla and chocolate... but, NOPE - plain old Classic Coke!

After that, we headed to Old Navy to try on jeans. We had a LOT of jeans to try on. We were NOT successful. They did not fit in a way that she liked. Rats. BUT, we were successful in making a trip to Old Navy fun... She wanted to look at the mannequins. There is one girl one that has blonde hair and a pony tail. Blossom LOVES this particular mannequin - it is like a GIANT Barbie! What's not to love!! She insisted on photos of herself with her giant barbie friends! Luckily, I had my little point and shoot tucked in the pocket of my purse!

We headed to ROSS Dress For Less and did find a cute pair of jeans. Mission Accomplished! Then we had a few errands to run - things needed for supper amongst other things at Wal-Mart.

The check out line was sloooooow. So, she asked to take some pictures with my little camera. So, this is a few minutes from her perspective! I'm wondering who will be next for a date with mom!!
Sheesh... maybe I should let her take pictures more often???

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  1. too funny - I didn't even see Blossom with the mannequins until you wrote about it! What a cute idea!


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