Friday, April 1, 2011

RV Life: The BunkHouse

In searching for a travel trailer for our adventure, Pops and I decided that it would be important to have a "bunkhouse." There are many styles of bunkhouses out there and some are called a bunkhouse even if the bunks aren't in a separate room but just "out there" with a possible curtain on each bunk. We felt it would be good to have a room. With a door for the treekids to keep their things, play, have a bit of personal space - with each having their own bed, and SLEEP when it came to bed time and Pops and I could stay up in the living area and have some adult time talking or watching TV (read: no one to sleep regularly on a pull out sofa or a converted dinette table!)

So, we found one that we liked quite well! Turns out the treekids LOVE it!! So, without further ado... Here's the grand tour of the bunkhouse room!

When you first enter the room, to the left side is Branch's bed on the top bunk. The bottom bunk folds up to give more room to the floor space.

On the right side, is Bud's bunk on top and Blossom's on the bottom. Under Blossom's bed is a trundle bed/mattress that pulls out on the floor when needed (like the other day when Bump was EX.HAUS.TED and feeling sick and we were washing the sheets ... yadda yadda yadda).

The back wall consists of two VERY good sized wardrobe/closet/cupboards for the children to share. There is also a drawer for each treekid to stash their "unmentionables."

Under the wardrobes, between the drawers is a big black hole... for a television to be connected. However, we are considering putting our iMac in there - we just have to figure out a way to secure it so that when Pops hauls our rig around and makes any sudden stops it doesn't go flying! {Any ideas on how to secure one of those bad boys?} Under the drawers is a couple of cubby holes that they are using to stash some toys. Under the tv place is a shelving area where Bud has stockpiled a large amount of reading material (But, I think that he believes it could be shelved two books deep and fill it up a bit fuller!).

On the front wall of the room near Branch's bed is a door that leads to a little half bath where we hung a shoe organizer to tame the shoe beast!

The other corner by Bud and Blossom's bed is the door that leads to the living space.

I will continue the home tour... complete with living/dining/kitchen, master bedroom, both bathrooms, outdoor kitchen, "basement and garage" and a special storage edition!! I am still working on getting everything organized... so, this tour just might spread itself out over several weeks!

[SIGH... I am STILL dealing with a nasty stomach bug - working day 3 for Bump. Luckily no one else has been taken out!]


  1. What a great room for the kids! I am loving seeing the pictures!!

    So glad that no one else has gotten sick, and still praying that Bump is better soon!


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