Friday, April 8, 2011

Reminder Notes to Self

I keep looking at those pictures over there on the sidebar. The ones of the treekids. I LOVE those pictures. BUT, those pictures (of the big treekids) were taken in the spring of 2009. Bump's pic was in the end of May of 2010...

They are old, outdated photos. But, I love them. I love it when my blog pops up and those old pictures are there lookin' back at mom. I like to see those faces from what seems like only a few months ago. My how time flies.

I hope to take some new pictures of those growing rascals. When I do, I think I had better move those old pictures over to this post so I can always click and find them. Oh, how fun having a family blog is... trying to remember what was happening a few years ago? Check the blog!! So, a record of those cutie patootie baby faces need to be kept. Big Big BIG - they are getting too big. This time of having small children is racing by soooo fast!

SLOW DOWN. Remember, self, slow down.

Watch them run. Sit and color. Sprawl on the floor and push a matchbox on the rug. Play some catch. Walk by the pond. Skip a rock - maybe a whole handful. Watch the clouds form a popcorn puff into a teddy bear. Wish on the first star with your dreamer. Hold them on your lap.

Don't miss out... The laundry will still be there. Wrinkles won't hurt them. Dishes will soak nicely in the sink. HUG your babies, mama. Kiss 'em while they'll still let you (and will even share all that love right back!). Butterfly kisses await... be still and they will land on you.


  1. Elm,

    I definitely think you should keep some pictures for people to see. I'm a dude and not all that into babies at the moment, but the last one just had me cracking up.


    What parents don't do to their kids. ;)

    I want to thank you for stopping by my place today. It was a pleasure seeing you there!

    I did reply to your comment, but sometimes, the notifications don't get sent out to the people who I am replying to, so maybe you'll bump over and see it.

    And yes, blogs are so much fun! It's fun to look back into the history of my life.

    Great writing!

    Long comment!

    I'll quit jabbering.



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