Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday... me!

The other day, Bud, Branch and Blossom were talking about how THEY could NOT wait for mom's birthday. HUH? What? Really? I interrupted, finally, and asked why they were so excited for MY birthday!?! Well, I have been informed: Birthdays are ALWAYS fun-filled days! Who knew? Not I!!

Today, my little treefam woke me with sweetness. Presents and cards and songs and love. It is so funny to see what they choose for presents needed and wanted by their mom! Bud chose a new pancake flipper - my all-time favorite one by OXO desperately needed replacing (boo hoo). Branch made a card that promised a massage and had noticed that my nail file had seen better days so found one with just the right colors! Blossom made a happy birthday card that promised a "back tickle" and was thrilled to give mom a BIG present that completed my storage wishes for the kids' wardrobe! FUN times, those birthdays!! Well, with that fun out of the way they happily watched Bump while I hopped in the shower. (Pops was already away for work.) I got out of the shower and announced that our "fun" would involve a trip to the pancake house since I thought that sounded like a delicious way to start the day! WOO HOO!! (Go try IHOP's new CinnaStack... yum Yum YUM! - did I mention, YUM!?!!)

We followed that up with a haircut for Bud, a stop in at BigLots for some outdoor (small) toys, some "mom, we're hungry, now" drive thru to eat on the way back to the campground. OH, RATS... Bump falls asleep while I pay for fries, burgers, and chicken crowns. Well, we drove around Stillwater checking things out, hunting for a place to play while baby slept. I found a park... I found a park!! Kids pile out of the nearly still moving vehicle...

Branch makes it to the slide...
But, it is so hot she cannot touch it with her hands, and her velour covered bum is on FIRE!
Blossom pouts at the thought of feeling hot. Pouts at being the last out of the vehicle. Pouts to pout because it is so dramatic to pout. Haven't you tried it lately? Go on... give it a whirl! Pouting is alllllll drama. The bigger the pout, the better it is?!? Yea, whatever.
Bud encourages her to join... Come on! Fist bump, we're at the park! It's FUN day! BIRTHDAYs are FUN!!!
No dice. Branch gives it a whirl. Come on, it really wasn't THAT hot. Try it. Come on!! Don't just sit here in the sun.
They sauntered (who am I kidding - the fools little darlings RAN at warp speed) off to the shade where they attempt to play a hand clapping game. I notice that my girls are TRULY homeschool girls. No REAL sense of fashion, just comfort. Long pants on a hot day? Roll them up! Oh, nooooooo - not up like for wading in the water!! The first and only fold will be above the knee with the hem at the top of the thigh! REALLY... here, I'll zoom in and be like the paparazzi with a grainy photo --->
NICE! Glad that their comfortable just being themselves, but really? Is THAT who they are?? YIKES! Fashion police to the rescue! "TLC's What Not To Wear" should show up immediately. Stacy and Clinton, HELP these poor dears!

I did let their hot bodies back into the vehicle. I blasted the A/C for them. I was thankful for an overcast 60 degree morning, a sunshine filled 90 degree afternoon and a cooling, windy 70 degree evening. They were sorta thankful for a nice day to play at a playground that was too hot to play on. A better park would have helped they informed me. Bump continued to sleep. I found a new park.
They played and played. The playground equipment appears to make all the difference. This is only one of three structures for FUN Birthday play! Blossom still folded her pants like a nerd.

After Bump woke, we left and went to Old Navy where I promptly purchased shorts, skirts and short sleeved t-shirts. We are equipped for FUN hot days.

I love birthdays. They are just soooooo fun!! Don't you wanna have one every day? (Please - if you detect ANY sarcasm, just ignore it. It isn't real... that would NOT be fun!!)

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