Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in the saddle

We have been busy here in our mobile treehouse! Branch celebrated her birthday on Monday with a fun day of presents, bowling, and supper out at Texas Roadhouse - where she requested a steak and sweet potato! The server brought out the saddle and a bowl of ice cream and a "Yee Haw" form all of the patrons. FUN!
Well, off one saddle onto another... We are back with our noses to the grind and working away at our schooling now that all are healthy! With that comes a fair amount of busy-ness on the part of the teacher/mom, too! So, I will get back up on the full-time blogger saddle soon! I have lots of pictures to take - I just need to get out and take them... just as soon as those treekids are doing some independent school studies!!


  1. glad she had a fun birthday!!! Looks like she enjoyed it!!!

  2. Looks like the BEST Birthday ever! Give her BIG HuGS & KISSES from all of us!
    ~ L3M2B


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