Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RV Life: The Fraidy Hole

Way back when... you know - a few weeks, days, hours and minutes ago, I am just not sure how many! We were staying in the Stillwater, OK area. I loved it there. We had some threats of severe weather in the area. Tornados scare people... the treekids included! I would be afraid if there were any actual tornados heading the way of my location, but otherwise, I just love a thunderstorm, rain, wind, etc. So, I wasn't worried about the weather. But, just in case the weather turned really sour... there was a storm shelter for our use.
But, in Oklahoma, they are called "Fraidy Holes"!!!
So, in case of tornado, run fast (and get there first) to the nearest fraidy hole!!
There isn't much room, but if a tornado was really coming, we would all be very close friends waiting out the spinning wind. Maybe we could sing camping songs to help the kids feel like it is fun, or say many prayers to calm nerves and hope for the best!
We'll just hope we don't NEED the services of the fraidy hole!


  1. oh. my. goodness. tornadoes freak me out! I don't know if I could ever live out there in the midwest!

  2. After seeing the awful destruction wreaked by tornadoes this past week down south, I am sure glad you have a "fraidy hole" available to you. BUT, I hope you NEVER have need of one!

    May the Lord protect you & your family as you travel.
    Aunt S.


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