Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RV Life: My Worst Fear

So, before we set out on our journey I talked with my friend, Jessica, and my mom about my biggest fear about this journey...

Would it be the lack of hot water for a REALLY long hot shower? NO, definitely not.

Would it be not having a neighborhood or community to be in where everyone knows the neighbors? No, not that either.

Would it be the severe weather that often hits the midwest in the spring and summer? No, that doesn't hit the top of the list.

Would it be the fear that I would have to venture out to to the grocery store often with four children since I would not be able to stockpile groceries? No, not even that!

My biggest fear, I believed would hit our family next winter. I was not wanting to face the fear of ... the stomach bug in our new living situation.

I have never been real good with kids and vomit. Babies and spit up? No problem. Babies and poops? No problem. Big blow-out poops with babies? No problem. Sick babies and kids? Yea, I will pat their head and smooth their hair as Pops deals with the aftermath, lest he have to clean up after me!! So, I had plotted and planned that I would have three or four buckets available - old ice cream buckets I figured would be good. One for each child. This would help if they couldn't make it to the toilet in time, and if they had the stomach bug that caused ... hmmm, how to delicately describe ... issues of expulsion from a discreet area as one sits on a throne while retching ensues... a bucket would be of great assistance, eh? I have all those buckets ready to go, in a home shipment that we should receive at the end of the month.

I needed the bucket today. Yes, apparently God has a sense of humor and has decided that it is high time that I get over this whole dealing with vomit issue. Bump has a nasty case of the stomach bug and a bit of a runny nose. Any time he coughed, he seemed to gag and that caused ... sheesh, I just can't even believe I am sharing this. But, I am a mom after all, and that is what is happening in this mom's life... in the first week of life on the road! Anyway, I'll just cut to the chase and say that I didn't have a bucket, but I had a cupped hand. Yes, yuck. Ick, double, tripple ick yuck gross. And just when I was caught unprepared with no cloth, towel, cup or anything else, we would get a repeat performance.

Tomorrow I am sending Pops out to Wally World for a few home organizing things. I expect him to bring home some Lysol disinfectant spray, too.


  1. Oh, ERICA!! I am so sorry! I hope it is over QUICKLY!! Praying for you!

  2. Oh ELM!!! I am so so sorry. That is terrible. I am at a loss. We will pray too. (((((HUGS))))))

  3. Ew. Ick. Yuck. Aaarrrrgggghh. I HATE rotavirus. It's going around like wildfire here in our parish too. I say "parish" because all the kids in our parish go to the same school and therefore share the same germs. I HATE rotavirus. I hate vomiting. I hate everything about it. I'm on my 4th child today ... one at a time ... and I think if I have to watch one more child vomit (poor kids) then I'm going to lose it and someone's going to have to come clean up after me. But I have the luxury of an actual home in which to manage this. I sure hope that it gets easier for you! :P


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