Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frolic With Friends

Fun times out on the coast with our friends... Jessica and her family joined us for a bit of our stay on the coast. We drove out with their girls, our girls and baby Bump. They drove out to the coast with their boys, our Bud and their baby girl... The "in motion" photos from her van are VERY different from the "in motion" photos from our van!! We'll share those when they get home and she has some time to download and share pictures!! :)

We enjoyed lots of rain/drizzle out on the coast, but exploring and playing around was still high priority!! Some kids are more elusive to catch with a camera than others... and then my battery died. RATS! Fun fun fun time on the coast with friends! The treekids are sooooo going to miss their friends when we leave Oregon later this week...
Dads and kids on the "Ship"
The dads had all but one of the TEN children amongst us out on the beach... Do you know the funny looks we received as we moved about en masse?? Some thought that we were having a "party" with all these children! Ten children between the two families... 6 with theirs, 4 in ours!
Ages: Boy 10, Boy 9.5, Boy 9, Girl 7.5, Girl 7, Girl 6, Girl 5.5, Boy 3.5, Boy 16 mo., Girl 15 mo.
Coast Fun 2
Coast Fun
Coast Fun 3
Coast Fun 6
Coast Fun 5
Coast FUn 4
Please Can I Touch the Water?!?
"Captain" pleaded with mom to let him go and touch the water... PLEASE!!!
Coast Fun 7
SOOO much fun... and then they had to head home. We'll be having a bit longer out here waiting to head out on a jet plane.


  1. These pictures are great! I am so glad you got to go to the coast one more time before you leave. Make sure you come back and visit us, you hear?

  2. I love it! What a neat thing, to be able to visit the coast. Your kids are beautiful, her kids are beautiful, and I love the wonder about what others make out of 10 kids and 4 adults. When my 3 girlfriends, our 4 husbands, and our children are all together, we have 20 children for 8 adults. It's priceless! I love it. :)


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